“Radicals in the Fossil Fuel Industry”

Author and “environmentalist” Bill McKibben discusses the fossil fuel industry in this segment from the “Do the Math” national tour.

“Radicals work at places like TransCanada and Exxon. If you’re willing to make a hundred thousand dollars a day by altering the chemical composition of the atmosphere, then you’re engaged in a more radical act than anybody who’s ever come before you.”

Because he himself didn’t use ANY fossil fuels at the restaurants he ate at on this tour or the hotels he stayed in. Or heck, I’ll bet the electricity used to shine lights on him or to help him project his infinite wisdom to that audience was obviously from 100% renewable sources.

Who’s the real radical here?

Give me a break…


  1. Short but you can only listen to BS for so many seconds.

  2. wrongheifer says:

    Idiots abound!

  3. And they vote.

  4. John Stewart says:

    First off he should file a lawsuit against the dinosaurs for dying and leaving all those hydrocarbons behind. Secondly he should stick that windmill he carries with him that powers the 10,000 watts he sucks up for his idiotic presentations.
    Lastly "do the rolling donut trick".

  5. This man is nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I forgot, stupid also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This guy is an Idiot! How can he spew that vitriol with a straight face. Oh ya, this guy is a real important thinker from one of those eastern left leaning wacko liberal colleges, who has never held a job in his life. Not to overuse a sometimes used phrase…A mind is a terrible thing to waste… Consider his wasted and in the tank.

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