EPA Renewable Fuel Standards Cost Wendy’s How Much Money?

The chairman of Wendy’s Restaurant’s supply chain cooperative, which is responsible for food purchases for Wendy’s Restaurants, says that because of EPA Renewable Fuel Standards every individual Wendy’s Restaurant has to pay $20,000 to $30,000 more per year in costs and the entire Wendy’s System ultimately pays $174 million more in food costs.

“I never done anything like this in my life but I have a responsibility to my employees, fellow franchisees, customers, and my family to make sure Congress knows a well-intended idea turned out to be a very serious problem and it’s getting worse,” said the Wendy’s Quality Supply Chain Cooperative Chairman Ed Anderson on the renewable fuel standards.

“Today, each of our restaurants pay twenty to $30,000 more per year because of the renewable [fuel standards],” he continued.

Read more at Politics 365. By Christopher Goins.

Photo credit: dave_mcmt (Creative Commons)


  1. What makes it a well-intentioned idea? The Chairman needs to be a little more attentive rather than anal retentive.

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