EPA Standards: No Benefits-Just Cost

An author and commentator says there are “no benefits” to tougher air pollution standards from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The standards, expected later this month, involve small soot, dust and other particulate matter known as PM2.5. According to the EPA, particles vary in size and can be suspended in the air for long periods of time. Exposure can be deadly, with children and adults considered high-risk groups because of their outdoor activities and ages, respectively.

The EPA now wants to ratchet down the Clinton-era EPA standards of 15 micrograms per cubic meter to as few as 12 micrograms per cubic meter.

“This is kind of silly, because the national average, first off, is ten,” notes author and JunkScience.com publisher Steve Milloy. “So there’s really no need, even if there were some places that violate the standard.”

Meanwhile, Milloy says the science behind the standards falls apart. As an example, he compares a non-smoker to someone who smokes a half a pack of cigarettes a day for a year.

Read more at One News Now. By Chris Woodward.


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