How the EPA is Making it Harder for You to Afford a Burger

Corn prices are the key here. Corn prices affect the price of meat and milk. And we’re in a drought so the price of corn is already climbing through the roof.

Consumers can expect to pay more for beef, poultry and milk, as the worst drought in 50 years spreads across the Midwest, destroying crops and sending corn and soybean prices spiking.

Meanwhile, corn prices for December delivery, the most active contract, rose as high as $7.96 a bushel Wednesday. That’s still just about a nickel shy of the record high set in June 2010. The front month September contract continued to trade above $8 a bushel.

Still, prices are up nearly 50% over the past three months. And soybean prices have also been on the rise, gaining 25% since early June.

What does this have to do with the EPA? One word. Ethanol.

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Photo credit: keepthebyte (Creative Commons)


  1. Dan Stewart says:

    This is all part of the plan to destroy the US & make it into a third world country. I really wish the wimpy congress would grow a set & defund the epa, if they don't, we are lost.

  2. Ethanol is going to create a man made famine. We are literally burning a food source unnecessarily. Ethanol is not as efficient as strait gasoline. Ethanol is corrosive to engines and their parts.

  3. john burgess says:

    but where would the fuel com from solar powered cars?, with out many people working we don't have to worry about fuel so lets use the corn and soybeans for food no one can afford to have cars anyway, we can stay home and burn wood and eat corn flakes what more can you ask for

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