A Moral Defense of “Big Oil”

“It is the oil industry, not its opponents, that deserves the moral high ground. The moral arguments against oil pretend to be progressive but are in fact re-hashes of primitive philosophical doctrines. For example, ‘sustainability’ is a relic of centuries when human beings repeated the same lifestyle over and over–instead of finding better and better ways to do things.”

Imagine you are an advertising executive, and a CEO asks you: “Do you think you can help improve the reputation of my industry?”

You respond, “Sure, what are some ways your industry makes people’s live better?”

He replies, “Well, actually, our product helps people in just about everything they do. This past year, it helped take 4 million newlyweds to their dream destinations for their honeymoons. It helped bring 300 million Americans to their favorite places: yoga studios, soccer games, friends’ houses. It made possible the bulletproof vests that protect 500,000 policemen a year and the fire-resistant jackets that protect 1,000,000 firefighters a year.”

“If you do all that, how could you be unpopular?”

Read more at Master Resource. By Alex Epstein.


  1. For Communism to work it must have an enemy. Conservatives, Religion and Big Business are favorite choices of Communist. Obama's dream is to destroy this country and he's well on his way to doing it and there are so many people in this country that are jealous of those who have that they are wiling to follow the devil for freebies and Obama is a representative of the devil. I think we should give him a new nickname. We should call him Janus the two faced Roman God of Beginnings, Transition and Endings. He's beginning are journey to Communism in this country, he's leading us in transition to communism in this country and he's bringing our Republic to an end. I personally will fight to the end against this tyranny but unfortunately I don't have that much time left anyway.

  2. pigboatpilot says:

    The First and Best way to reduce the cost of government and stimulate the Economy would be to defund and disestablish the EPA and the Department of Energy!

    Secondly Retroactively cancel all EPA regulations put in place in the last four years!

  3. The Equal Rights Act was passed in 1964 where LBJ was assisted by Republicans; not democrats. Now democrats act like they own the high road and take every opportunity to call Republicans racists. The Clintons started the division of races in this country and Obama has perfected the use of racism to set up a class system. Anyone or any company that is successful in this country is the object of hate. Remember the famous line about if you were successful you didn't do it, the government did it for you? We are now a true welfare state and the communists won't be satisfied until all legitimate companies and corporations are nationalized and all monies and properties are transferred to the welfare recipients.

  4. I will gladly abandon oil and embrace a replacement energy source when a viable one is put forth but the current political administration and Obama's method of finding one is insane to the point of being criminal. They award ridiculous sums to bogus companies, almost exclusively to big campaign contributors and a complex network of deceit and corruption, all the while getting us not one step closer to a replacement for oil. If there were any justice from our "JUSTICE DEPARTMENT" anyone involved in the Obama alternative energy scam would be in jail, but instead under Eric Holder, the department is part of the scam and involved in their own weapons smuggling crime which we will probably never get the entire truth or justice from the idiotic program.
    With a corrupt Justice Department like that we need no longer wonder why there is so much corruption and crime in America, society is simply following the example and lead of the leaders in Wash.d.c.

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