Senator Fumes at ‘Climate Deniers’

In a fiery speech yesterday, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) ”calls out” “climate deniers.” In the first half of the speech he goes ad hominem, attacking opponents as “front groups” who take payola from “polluters” to “confuse” the public by selling “doubt” as their product.

First a bit of free advice for the good Senator:

Your team has been playing nasty from day one. It didn’t get you cap-and-trade, it didn’t get you Senate ratification of the Kyoto Protocol, and it’s not going to get you a carbon tax.

Vilification doesn’t work because biomass, wind turbines, and solar panels are not up to the challenge of powering a modern economy, and most Americans are too practical to believe otherwise.

So by all means, keep talking trash about your opponents. The shriller your rhetoric, the more skeptical the public will become about your bona fides as an honest broker of “the science.”


  1. John Detwiler says:

    He is an example of the Democratic thinking. No facts to back up his argument just an opinion. This is typical of the left and that is why we have such a mess in Washington. Example Pelosi's House asinine comment "We have to pass it so we can see what is in it". And Harry Reid's tabling with out a vote every Republican bill presented to the Senate. Yet these idiots keep getting elected because they pacify those parasites and free loaders by handouts for votes.

    • AMEN, AMEN, AMEN. You are so right. This guy should go back in his black hole and hibernate to the end. I for one am tired of these idiots demanding that we do these outrageous things and pay for them when the rest of the world is not and our effort does not amount to a hill of beans.

      WAKE UP AMERICAN WORKERS, we are being screwed.

    • Exactly. My mind is made up, don't bother me with facts! It is scientifically provable there has been NO global warming for at least 16 years. There is No scientifically provable evidence that greenhouse gases created by man has anything to do with the climate in any way, shape or form, but these zombies are trying to get sheeples to panic, making acceptance of U.N. Agenda 21 more plausible. Sorry, ain't gonna happen. Offer PROOF, not rhetoric & emotion. PROOF!

    • To quote my pal, Bugs, "He's such a maroon!"
      The science shows definitively that what climate change is occurring is a completely natural process, and the action of human beings is totally negligible.
      Yet the environmental zealots went too far with their scare tactic, and now they are impailed upon their own spear. They have no way to wriggle off it (they tried redefining the issue from "global warming" to "climate change," but that was just as obviously a sham to try to scare people in to buying into their movements and halt progress).
      Yet they continue to try. That leads me to the obvious conclusion that they are not really interested in "the environment," but rather in their own power. They want to bring down the power structures of the world, in the belief that they might gain some stature as messiahs.
      The climate change fanatics are disgusting. They are worse than the Heaven's Gate folks who committed suicide so that they go be taken up inside the Hale-Bopp comet and gain everlasting joy.

    • Isn't he and Al Gore engaged to be married under the new fruitaram laws. I could have sworn that an article put them in the news as betrothed!HAHAHAHA

    • doesn't the D stand for dumb?

  2. It is unconscionable that such idiocy is so eminently electable in this country.

    • They did re-elect Obama, didn't they?

    • That your Demofruits for you! Get this most of these Demohags have a family lineage of voting Demoscags no matter if they are convicted murderers and child molesters! About 15 years ago I had one of them tell me tha no matter what they vote straight Demo ticket and to hell with what the affects may be! This woman was not kidding either! " My parents and grandparents for generations have voted Democrat regardless and I will vote Democrat! Fortunately that was a year that they lost! Guess where she came from?

    • Aweee! Just look at that Barney Franks Face and tell me he is right up stairs! This guy and Barney must have had some real times together! Wonder why Barney jilted him for the Welder??HAHAHAHAHA!

  3. i guess he is getting his share of Gore-bucks$$. Just goes to show what money can buy. Most of the politicians in washington today are crooks. They steal our tax $$ and spend it on themselves and their pet projects. But then R.I. is full of idiots and socialists as well.Isn't joe bite-me from there??

  4. He must owe somebody something , to be this persistent on a naturally occurring fenomina. Look at history , it's not the first time global warming takes place, what is the "crazy "senator going to say when we start freezing the ice caps again, all the way up to his state line? just let hom cry wold , and ca'' us out " obviously he has nothing else "important" to do ,LIKE tending to his state constitutions and it's people that need help, and that care less about global anything right now. !

  5. Just another socialist idiot.

  6. The state must be full of idiots, the govenor is just as stupid !!!!

  7. jmsmaxwell says:

    Sounds like another Al "Da Whale" Gore kool aid drinkers. No one can deny that we do, in fact, have
    climatic change happening. But the problem seems to be with the mental status of some of the individuals
    and groups that have bought into the scam proposed by the waco global warming flat earth society. The
    changes that are taking place in our climate is not man made. Polution is a problem that we can address
    and it never hurts to stop it by reducing some of the pollution that man has created. But the Koyoto accord and other scams are as useless as teats on a bull. If a company can effectivel and economically reduce
    its carbon footprint then reward them with lower taxes. But do not allow them the sell a "Pollution offset"
    to another company that refuses to lower its emission upon the plant. As for the Senator I think he is
    out grugging for money for his reelection campaign and not worried about polution in the least.

    • We have reduced our emissions and our pollutants by quite a bit. But now the cost of reducing it even a little isn't practical. For years people have been asking why the first and 2nd Ice ages occurred. They said the little Ice Age doesn't count because it was only local. Well this past year it was proven that the little Ice Age wasn't local. But until just recently they never had an answer for the Big Ice Age. Their big explanation for that is the Dinosaurs flatulence in other words that farted too much. There must of been a lot of Dinosaurs all over the place for that to happen. I think only atheist can really believe in man made global warming for only atheist think they are so powerful. God created the ecosystem I think he would've taken man into account when he created the universe. The Earth heals itself if you let it. It's not possible to stop climate change. Climate change is the earth healing itself. Man isn't the only contributor to the environment things like Volcanoes that put out far more CO2 than man can. An active volcano in a year puts out more CO2 than man has put out since man showed up on the scene. This is a big money tree that's why all the european nations have signed on. It's another ploy to get money from us. There are just as many scientist that disagree with climate change as there are that believe it's true. I bet Al Gore don't fly commercial. He talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. This movement is bankrupting the world and idiots like Gore and Obama are the only one's that are profiting from it. Like all liberals if the data doesn't add up they just change the data. Some have been caught doing it.

  8. This Senator is no different than the other well-meaning, yet, God denying fools who are more commonly known as "Mother Earth Worshippers (MEW)". "The fool hath said in his heart there is no God". If they believed the Holy Bible they'd understand that the Almighty created this world and everything in it and He is entirely capable of providing for it in spite of any man's effort to save or destroy it. And when He decides it is enough the Earth will burn and be transformed to His perfect will but not disintegrated. Algore, as MEW's great high priest, is sadly delusional, but, his big money talks and heavily influences the simple minded among us. That includes the UN…

  9. In the 60's when I was a young teen we used to get snowstorms in Michigan, that would easily dump anywhere from a couple of feet of snow to drifts that would bury the windward side of your house. Time magazine even did a cover asking if it was the beginning of a new ice age. This idiot from Rhode Island, Al Gore, and all these other climate hypocrites looking to make a big dollar of "climatescare" are all morons. God's in charge and I bet he has a really fun time watching these idiots try to manage something that is totally out of their control. Go to China boys and girls…they definitely need cleaner air.

  10. GrustyOldGeezer says:

    Rhode Island? why does that sound so famiLIAR to me.

    oh yeah…. their 'best and brightest' were raised in mushroom gardens.

    Seriously, THIS LOON is the best that State has to offer?

  11. I say I can't agree more with all the previous comments. All the polution alarmists are only thinking about lining their pockets with greengacks. Lou

  12. jheasler12175 says:

    There's a holiday treat named after this guy; it's called "fruitcake".

  13. AZ rancher says:

    As Rush used to say ' follow the money trail'. This, and other EPA plans, are just ways to get more of our money and hurt our economy.

  14. Florida Jim says:

    It appears it is always the democrats that want climate taxes despite the obvious lies that has been used to extend the fraud. Search you-tube for John Coleman's dispute with Al gore on climate fraud and read "Red Hot Lies" By Chris Horner to awaken your mind and understand the fraud which is another redistribution of America's wealth through the United Nations and the democratic party. Democrats want America to forsake freedom and jump into European Socialism which is failing badly. Why not rebuild capitalism by ousting Democrats and returning wealth to everyone? Rhode Island is doomed with bankruptcy so his plea is badly tainted.

  15. This man is for cap and trade taxation, nothing more. I am a professional geologist and engineer, and I say that humanity cannot control weather or climate in any way discussed by the IPCC or the EPA. The forces that DO control climate and weather are far more powerful than anything man can or has provided with his industry. Focusing on CO2 by the IPCC and the EPA is nothing more than a hoax. I am not a "denier," I am a "knower." I say that the real goal of this man and other global warmers is TAXATION.

    • "Taxation" is just the immediate, first step. The ultimate goal, by BHO, is CONTROL. Beware! We have not seen one-millioneth of what this evil person and his co-horts wish to do to this country.

  16. If Sen Outhouse is fed up with the people in this country who happen to be smarter than him I would be happy to help him select a country that more closely adheres to his communist ideals. Nothing is keeping him here and this country would be greatly improved with his departure.

  17. Prove to me that there is in fact Global Warming and I might believe in it. I might believe anybody but Sen Sheldon Whitehouse.

  18. Just another Obama teat sucker and an idiot who is on the payroll of the alternate green energy fools. Like all the bankrupt, solar panel companies, battery manufacturers (for cars like the Volt.)And the wind generators who have been on the Fed. teats for decades. and still do not show any promise. How much did you get paid off for Whitehouse?

  19. In the last 0ne hundred years or more the climate has warmed less that 1/2 of a degree, except around Washington ,D.C. because of all the hot air produced by this kind of nincompoop.

  20. John Tomczak says:

    They need a little education in basic science. But if that was the case, we wouldn't have any one Congress.

  21. They've had decades and billions of dollars of our dollars to throw away and have yet to come up with reasonable alternative to fossil fuel! The best they can produce is equal to giant potato battery!

  22. ConservaDave says:

    Is there a politician in the northeast with even half a brain? And we keep electing and re-electing the same mindless pontificating baffoons. Gov. Malloy in CT gave us the largest tax increase in the history of the state, did nothing to reform the structure or payment of the public workforce, called for "shared sacrifice" then increased government spending, chased businesses out of state through overtaxation and regulation, while declaring, "Connecticut's open for business," and declared that he in all his wisdom had balanced the budget. A year later we have all the same problems and are looking at deficits over a billion (in a small state). I rest my case.

  23. Jack Hotchkiss says:

    Here are the rules the Liberals operate on. >>>
    1st Democrats attempt to belittle their opponent.
    2nd they call you names,
    3rd they cast out untrue statements.
    4th they accuse their opponent of doing exactly what they are doing.

  24. yochanan heimeyer says:

    thank you for the opportunity to express freely! calling others names is crawling beneath the fray with the likes of those who are bankrupt of ideas. we know that this is just another way to "tax" the American people that is why our votes are so extremely important to unify and express our Constitutional liberties before we lose them. in unity there is strengh. obama has not yet satisfactorily answered to the deaths of the American lives lost at the Benghazi consolate. he has stonewalled the American people again with the same lies that he began with! Why wasn't the security that was requested,sent ? Who " ordered " those securities to "stand down"? He needs to go!

  25. there is no such thing as "global warming" it is called
    "seasons". congress/fake president IMPEACH ALL NOW.

  26. In the words of Paul Harvey, "And now you know the rest of the story". They are some kind of "Stupid" back there. All you have to do is start a lie, have it repeated enough, and it soon becomes fact.

  27. Science 101, easy to unravel so called global warming. Take a childs top that has a handle on it for you to accelerate the spin. Get that baby spinning. Now we have wabble just like everyone knows, but now observe the top of the handle, which would be the axis. It has its own rotation going on. This rotation is what gives us our climate change. It takes around 14 thousand years for it to complete its own rotation. Thus exposing our earth to climatic changes that the so called, Climate Experts know about, but do not want you to figure out, so that they can continue to scam our money, in order to protect their jobs. I say Climate Experts, get a real job, something that produces something other than [email protected]%t.

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