Pros and cons of Keystone XL pipeline aired one last time

ALBION, Neb. — Tom Briese had questions about the Keystone XL pipeline when he first learned that the controversial project was being rerouted across his farmland.

Would it disrupt his operation? Would it contaminate the groundwater he pumps for irrigation? Would it be a good deal for him and his community?

In the end, the Albion-area farmer said, he’s become a supporter — not only because the nation needs crude oil from Canada and jobs for a sluggish economy — but also because it would deliver $800,000 or more a year in additional property taxes to the local school district.

Everything has risks, Briese said, but he’s convinced that any leaks would cause only local damage and would be outweighed by the benefits.

“The majority of my neighbors in the path of the pipeline agree,” he said.

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  1. POTUS and his green ecomomy is way far afield of reality. He needs to live with the middle class worker and the retirees at their level of income,and have the same health care he forced upon us. He has done nothing to help our economy. If it goes over the proverbial cliff its his fault. There is no right way proposed by either side of the ailse.

  2. The Alaska pipeline was suppose to cause doom and destruction to the fragil Arctic environment. The nay sayers have been proven wrong on that issue since the only major loss of oil was due to some idiot shooting a hole in it with a high power rifle. The XL pipeline can have the same kind of record. Proponents of the line should have backed up their case using the success of the Alaska pipeline.

  3. Edward Shick says:

    Let's "lets git er Done" , We need the energy and Help north America for a change ,,,, All we get from Mid East is trouble and They take our money to help Obama destroy the American Dream , Let's get away from both and get America working for our Grand Children

  4. History repeats itself over and over. Obama will take advantage of the oil boom just like both Roosevelt's did to further his socialist ideas. Why else would he be sitting on the permits until he is certain he will be seated in office for a second term? Just watch, he will further destroy the economy, then release the oil and gas permits for export and make himself a hero in the eyes of the blind democrats that will be to *-&^%$ dumb to realize Obama caused the depression just so he could make himself their lord and savior. In the end the US will eventually collapse just like every other socialist country has throughout the history of mankind.
    Look up the article in the Pravda newspaper about a week ago and see what the Russians are saying about stupid Americans that are following the same exact path they did before the collapse. Socialism is a cancer that destroys the incentive to work and always ends in economic failure and collapse. Check out what's happening in the UK right now; the results of taxing the rich not only failed to produce the expected 7 billion pounds revenue, they lost over 11 billion pounds for a total of 18 billion pounds less than they expected; besides, by necessity to stay in businesses, taxes are passed on the the consumers. Most corporations are made up of thousands of investors, none of which want to loose money. Only an absolute fool votes to tax the rich because they are unknowingly voting for increased cost to themselves. A smart investor invests in business, the dumb investor invests in a savings account and the idiot invests in nothing – expecting a free ride off the work of others – occupiers, socialists, etc.

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