Gore Chides Obama on Global Warming Priorities

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore on Thursday sharply criticized President Barack Obama, a fellow Democrat, for failing to make global warming a priority issue, saying action was more urgent than ever after the devastation in the Northeast from Superstorm Sandy.

“I deeply respect our president and I am grateful for the steps that he has taken, but we cannot have four more years of mentioning this occasionally and saying it’s too bad that the Congress can’t act,” Gore told the New York League of Conservation Voters.

Gore was the surprise guest to introduce New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spoke about the city’s response to Sandy, which slammed into the city on October 29, killing 43 people, destroying homes, and knocking out power, mass transit and telephone service in huge swaths of the city.

Nationally, the storm caused at least $50 billion in damage and killed at least 131 people, officials said.

Much of Lower Manhattan flooded from the storm surge, a danger many climate scientists warn will become more acute as the burning of fossil fuels contributes to higher global temperatures that speed the melting of polar ice, raising sea levels.

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Photo credit: SS&SS (Creative Commons)


  1. Al Gore needs to evaporate.

  2. al gore must be getting low on cash hes a has been sandy was caused by global warming ??? when will he learn about the weather cycles?????? go home

  3. Some peoples nose gets longer lying , But i think All has just gained weight ,,, As for global warming the thirties set most of the high Temps during dust bowl era,,Then it got back to they were worried about another ice age in late sixties , When i was in Korea winter of 50/51 I'm sure that was Ice Age,, The last winter was one of worst winters Alaska has had , both Temps and snowfall,, He's a true Democrat as he lives on a Lie, just like Obama!!

  4. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Look out! Man-bear-pig is on the loose again.

  5. Look at his picture; would you buy a used car from that man?

  6. The penultimate hypocrite is going to chide someone else for not doing what he thinks they should? For person that believes so strongly in human caused global warming he should be the first to downsize his home(s), drive more efficient cars and give up his jet! Show us the way

  7. You would think Gore has stolen enough money witih this phony climate change, global warming BS. The only things he is or will be known for is a completely false so-called documentary and accepting illegal campaign funds from the Chinese for the Clinton reelection.

  8. 4timesayear says:

    They're the ones that tell us not to focus on individual weather events – why are they not all over this guy about doing exactly that?

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