EPA’s engine destroying gas may be coming soon

By Rebekah Rast — Nine gas stations in the nation now have pumps with E15 gasoline.

E15 is a blend of regular gasoline mixed with 15 percent ethanol.  The pumps are recognized by their black and orange labels.

And that label is not something you want to ignore.

In an effort to curb U.S. dependency on gasoline and oil — foreign and domestic — the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the use of E15 gasoline for vehicle models 2001 and newer.

However controversy surrounds this new blend and whether or not it is safe for your vehicle.

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  1. I know of two stations within a 30 mile radius of where I live that have pumps with E15 so I think there are more than 9 pumps nationwide. I was pumping gas at one of the stations yesterday and noticed the E15 pump had a notice that said; "contains a minimum of 70% ethanol". My vehicle is certified as E85 but I would never use that crap because I don't think 10% is good for the engines. I know for a fact it isn't on older engines.

    • Over here in Afghanistan and in Iraq when I was there, JP-8 is used in diesel engines with the usual and expected VERY EARLY PREMATURE destruction of the engines. This ethanol stuff is doing the same thing for it’s lack of lubricating qualities and extremely high combustion temperatures. Current, affordable metalurgy is simply not up to the task yet.

      • That has been a problem every time EPA comes out w/special regulations. They give manufacturers 18 months to get in compliance but it takes time to get the metalurgy to handle the changes. Case in point, they lowered the S content for diesel but S was an important lubricant for diesel engines. You don't pick up a new diesel engine for a Kennworth or other tractor for $99.00. EPA doesn't care; it now becomes a problem for the manufacturer and the owner.

        Problem w/ethanol is it is corrosive (it can't be shipped by pipeline) and it eats the rubber or neoprene gaskets in carburators. I think my congressman is the only one who gets letters of complaints about this ethanol situation but he doesn't pay any attention. We no longer have representation in WDC.

  2. Dan Stewart says:

    Another strategy of obummer to speed up our third world status. If he can destroy our vehicles we will be left with public transit, bicycles or walking. I hope the dumb IDIOTS who voted for this pos potus are the first ones to have their cars blow up in their faces.

  3. John Stewart says:

    If E10 reduced mileage, what will E15 do to mileage? More importantly, why do "they" make special engines to run on alcohol?
    Non government automotive engineers know a little more about engines than some legal bureaucrat,

  4. In the long term, that's not exactly going to be safe for your engine… I'd give it 4 years…

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