Bloomberg: Obama EPA To “Lead” Energy Policy

Thanks a lot, Bloomberg…


  1. Congress is suppose to make policy; not agencies. Oh, I forgot that our Congress gave up the legislative responsibility to Obama the past 4 years.

    • ANTICRIME says:

      CONGRESS is also responsible for the coining of INTEREST FREE currency, but they gave their DUTY over to a private cabal of corrupt bankers who call themselves the "Federal" Reserve, so THEY can fleece us by adding INTEREST to FIAT "money"!

  2. Congress needs to be punished for their poor policies and corruption. Instead of retirement, all but a choice few deserve imprisonment for their undermining of the American public and lack of accountability! They were put in office to represent their constituents, not to play a power game. Term limits and penalties for misrepresentation need to become the norm.

  3. kypatriotpeg says:

    Congress needs to be taken out, lined up against a wall & SHOT!! THAT'S what we the people use to do to TRAITORS!!!

  4. Bob Higginbotham says:

    The EPA is a non-elected agency and steps well beyond its authority by imposing new rules and regulations. As all the comments address, congress is at fault for allowing this renegade organization to run roughshod over this country.

  5. Bippy Bellito says:

    Bloomberg is not a stupid man, but he certainly appears to be a naive one. EPA is the most corrupt agency in this most corrupt of Administrations. Lisa Jackson belongs in jail.

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