The EPA’s War on Home Appliances

Are you disappointed in every shower head that you purchase? Does your toilet have trouble flushing? Have you noticed that your dishes are still dirty after the dishwasher cycle is completed?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re not alone. Some of us may be quick to blame the manufacturer of these home appliances. But the manufacturers are just abiding by the costly regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy.

So what’s wrong with the shower heads? Why is the flow of water not as heavy as it used to be? Federal mandates restrict water below at or below 2.5 gallons per minute. Of course, the argument is that this regulation will save energy and the environment. But it has only led to people hacking their shower heads to remove the intrusion that is blocking water flow in order to have a more relaxing shower that actually gets them clean. There is no proof that the water restrictions have actually saved water because many people just end up taking longer showers than they otherwise would.

These water restrictions are also the reason that our toilets have trouble flushing. Many of us have become accustomed to flushing the toilet multiple times before the toilet bowl is clear. The 1992 Energy Policy Act states that all toilets sold in the United States use no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. These water restrictions are the reason why we have to use plungers far more often than we used to. As strange as it may seem, there used to be a thriving black market for Canadian toilets that actually flush.

As the executive editor of Laissez-Faire Books Jeffrey Tucker writes, “What we have in these regulations passed since the 1990s is therefore a step backwards from a central aspiration of mankind to dispose of human waste in the best possible way. We have here an instance of government having forced society into a lower stage of existence.”

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  1. People should have expressed their outrage to their elected servants when the multiflush toilets, GFI lightbulbs etc. were being forced down our throats. The manufacturers obviously had more skin in the game and got the attention of the people who supposedly represent US.

    • "GFI light bulbs"? You mean CFL (compact fluorescent lamp), and they HAVE NOT been forced down anyone's throats. You just cannot buy incandescent bulbs of 75watts or greater. 60 watt incandescent light bulbs are plenty bright and still plentiful. Don't blame corporate cronyism for the low-flow toilets and such. The manufacturers didn't need a law to do that on their own. The EPA regulations required these manufacturers to retool to produce the EPA compliant products. CFL light bulbs, yeah that was corporate cronyism – GE wanted to push the cheaper made Chinese-contract CFL products over the incandescent products being produced here in the US by higher paid employees (you can blame the GW Bush admin for this one).

      • I’m still convinced the push for the “flush with a teaspoon of water” is Roto-Rooter and similar companies that stand to make a fortune drilling out your drains every other month.

  2. With HAARP "superheating" the atmosphere and ionosphere, I am sure there is "heating" going on, but it is not NATURAL—it is BANKSTER CONTROLLED!

  3. Don Markl says:

    American Standard makes a 1.6 gal toilet that actually works due to it's radical new design….I bought it at Lowe's…..but the fact remains that the EPA has lowered our standard of living on all fronts and at great cost

  4. Chris Wilkes says:

    The atmosphere and climate change etc. is no doubt caused by ALL the HOT AIR in Washington !!! Most people can decide what STUFF to buy without being TOLD by the epa !!!!!!!!!

  5. When I was growing up, my mother would clip the chickens wings so they could not fly. The epa needs
    theire wings cut off.

  6. If you have purchased a deep freeze in the last 10 years, you may painfully find that their condensers will lock up in about 5 years because there is no fan installed to keep it cool and its cheaper to replace the freezer than a new condenser. I'm sure that this was done so they would meet the reduced energy requirements. Of course you will discover this after you have sold your older, uglier model that has a cooling system.

    • Yep bought a deep freeze that lasted a little over 2 years. $699 worth. Nobody wanted to do the warranty work and one company suggested "frankensteining" it in with a external condenser. Finally got the manufacturer to replace it under extended warranty. One with fewer features I might add. Guess that's the only way they can make a buck with the EPA's boot on the corporate necks.

  7. It should be simple for every TRUE American once they have figured it out it’s pretty clear. It has nothing to do with the environment yet everything to do with once again MONEY. The longer showers we have to take the more money we will pay. same with the toilet. But i’m sure that’s nothing anybody here didn’t already know.

    • My on demand water heater will not work with a restricted shower head. So much for trying to help save gas by using on demand vs. Standard water heater.

  8. gliverson says:

    I had hoped to get one of the best washers out there when I bought the new GE washer/dryer combo a little while back. I also bought a new Green Weenie dishwasher at the same time. what a mess! What a huge disappointment.

    Now, just like the toilet that I have to flush at least twice to get to work right (saves a lot eh?), I have to wash my clothes at least twice to get them clean – just not enough water to do the job right! Silerware? It is usually not done right so each piece has to be carefully inspected after use. Your tax dollars being used against us all just one more time!! Sad day for our nation. Obummer in office? it WILL get worse too!

    • Similar experience…. though mine involves two other brands. Though my local repairman warned me not to give up my older set, I didn't listen and purchased an upper end Maytag washer & dryer to go in our laundry room just off the kitchen. They were so noisy, you couldn't carry on a conversation in the next room. By the third load, I was screaming at the dealer to come and get those pieces of junk. He replaced it with a top end Whirlpool set. The "energy saver" features reduce the amount of water, and even small loads are not clean with one washing. BUT… it certainly does spin out the rinse water… and spin and spin and spin, until it sounds like an airplane ready to take off, walks 6 inches away from the wall, and spins the clothes into knots, all in the interest of "conserving energy by removing enough water to reduce the amount of drying time." It's been years since I've seen evidence of any good results coming out of the EPA. Time for them to GO!!

    • patriot 54 says:

      I had to buy a new washer. I find that I have to use the large load cycle to wash medium and even small loads because it won't put enough water in, especially on the rinse cycle. It also controls the hot water so I can't use completely hot water. I am actively looking for a wringer washer so I can do laundry as I wish.

    • We also recently purchased a new washer. One to replace the new washer that we purchased three years earlier. The first, a heavy duty ( cough, cough), high efficiency, LG front load machine. We selected this unit because in the past, front load machines tended to do a better job and, I work a somewhat dirty job. The LG lasted a little over three years before the pump died. Cost more to replace the pump, then purchase a new machine. Unit took forever to wash even a small, lightly soiled load and even then, more often then not, a second cycle was needed. Total waste of money, materials, energy, water, laundry soap, ect. Real environmentally friendly… NOT!.

      The second, a Maytag top load machine. Again, an HE machine. Does a better job the the LG, did. But still takes two cycles to get my work clothes clean. That is when, I use it. I gave up and got tired of this game. It shouldn't take three hours to wash a load of clothes, and now use my mother's antique side by side ringer washer. I pre-wash my work clothes in tub 1, in water discharged from the Maytag, and then throw them in the new unit for a second wash. I now save more water then ever and have CLEAN clothes.

    • I was told most of these EPA rules were made for California. I had to search long and hard for a dishwasher that actually maintained water temp throughout the cycle. It did cost more, but my dishes are much cleaner than in the one I replaced when we moved in here.
      My dryer is well past voting age and has the huge tub and strong motor. I was going to replace it due to age, but a sneaky appliance dude told me keep it till the rollers wore off the tub because I would not be able to replace it with one that was worth using. Same with this poor front loading washer, but it does the job in one cycle. I dread when it dies.

  9. jmsmaxwell says:

    I got tired of the useless 1.6 gal toilets and went to a local salvage yard that recover plumming and other
    itmes form homes that are being demolished. They take them, clean them up and resale them to buyers.
    I bought three tanks and retofitted the toilets at my home. One flush and away it goes. The EPA has
    become a corrupt and over regulated group of thugs who are intent upon destroying our way of life as
    fast as they can. The are all invorowacks who do not live in the real world as the rest of us do. But are
    throwback to the 60's drug effected crowd. Think the vast majority of them are still on drugs either
    legal or illigal but they smoking somethign for sure.

    • The EPA did not Become corrupt it was corruupt from day ONE. A peanut vender (ie Jimmy Carter) creation. There has been no restrictions or regulations to curb their idiocies
      or the unlimited power granted them by the socialistic Democrats,or the progresway.sive to put it a politically correct

      • Whats the matter EPA afraid you might offend the EPA by posting a truth aboout the EPA?

      • Sorry, EPA was created by Richard Nixon which was a result of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969. Like the Civil Rights Act which democrats were against, they have now made it their cause. I'm not defending Peanuts Carter just getting the facts straight. Jimmies screw ups were more noticeable at the time they occurred; it took many years for the NEPA to be recognized for the disaster it has become.

        • It, also, began as an advisory board more than a regulatory board….but it morphed over the years, and is now an entity of it's own, destroying every aspect of our rights and way of life!

  10. The EPA is WAY past it's usefulness and needs to be eliminated. How far would that go help pay down the debt.

    • Millions of intelligent people agree with you. As usual, the Obama voters do not have a clue.

    • I agree, why can't the states that give power to the federal gov't take it back and tell the EPA to disappear.

    • Annoyed American says:

      I agree that its totally useless and needs to go away. As far as the debt thing goes? Ovomit will just find another way to waste those cut dollars.

  11. Lynne Johnson says:

    None of the latest appliances work as they should anymore. I would prefer used appliances, old appliances, foreign appliances; anything NOT made in the USA. It is impossible. Nothing gets hot enough (curling irons, ovens, etc.) and nothing has enough power to do its job. Things look good but are worthless. Obummer will only make it worse. We are going backward instead of forward and who knows if it is actually saving energy. I think NOT! Sad sad time for America for sure!

  12. Anymore, old is good or better when it comes to appliances.I'll keep what I have as long I can find parts for them. Oh, and I have enough standard light bulbs to light my way for a long time. The EPA doesn't pay my electric bill. I do and so they can just back-off .

    • LOL! Sounds like me! I bought tons of light bulbs and got them on sale! The EPA was supposed to protect us (ha,ha…what a joke) and those new light bulbs are filled with mercury and have hazmat instructions to dispose of them. I will stick with my old fashioned light bulbs!

      • I hate those CFL bulbs. I already had 2 catch on fire this year. I'm getting rid of them and either moving back to incandescent or picking up LED ones at the same time. At least neither one has mercury and they don't pose a threat when broken… well asides from the broken glass cover.

  13. Hate to add another bummer – has anyone but me noticed that everything you buy is SMALLER, HOLDS LESS, AND COST THE SAME OR MORE?!

  14. theoldstoryteller says:

    Limit the EPA's power & cut ties with the United Nations.

  15. EPA is a rogue federal agency that thinks it is answerable to no one. It is in deparate need of defunding.

  16. HelenBAllen says:

    I bought my mattress @ Kamins furniture store in Victoria, 16 yrs ago. It's a Queen size and you can turn it over and it's still as comfy as the day I purchased it. I have no plans to buy a new fangled mattress. Those dumb EPA jerks, they're all a bunch of jerks. Maybe it's time the EPA went away, far away to the North Pole.

  17. I agree that the EPA is a rogue bureau and should be largely abolished. However, I have put in lots of the new toilets 1.6 liter and 1.28 liter and have had no real problems with them. They have been greatly improved in the last couple years over the earlier models. I have two American Standard Cadet 3 toilets ($135 each) in my house and have never had to flush twice in two years of use.

  18. pookieamos says:

    I wish we could find a toilet big enough to flush that turd , Lisa Jackson , yuck !

  19. Did you see where EPA wants to limit use of fishing tackel? WTH? Fishing tackel? What could my rubber worms possible have to do with the EPA? Good grief, these people need a brain tramsp;ant. Then I see an article that I can't use the water that I collect on my property to water my garden that I grow to feed my family. Oh Hell no!

  20. Lets not forget those stupid light bulbs. Aren't bright enough, don't last as long as they say they will, and are dangerous. And if you want an epic rant, ask my wife how she likes her new clothes washer.

    • Your best to just get a commercial washer if you are going to get one that is EPA compliant. Yeah they may be expensive. but at least they wash better than the residential crap.

  21. knightman1971 says:

    As I, and any self-respecting man will do, the toilet will be flushed as many times as possible before we get the plunger out resulting in more wasted water. I despise these new toilets.

  22. T. Partiblows says:

    We should just intentionally destroy the environment until the earth is a toxic, overheated, flooded wasteland. Then everyone at the EPA will be out of a job. Bwahahahaha!

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  1. […] If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re not alone. Some of us may be quick to blame the manufacturer of these home appliances. But the manufacturers are just abiding by the costly regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy.  Read […]

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