Carbon Taxes: Kick ‘Em While They’re Down

House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy have signed a No Climate Tax Pledge. Bad news for those pushing carbon taxes as part of a budget deal.

Friends of affordable energy can ill-afford complacency, however. The Dumb Party has been known to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and carbon tax advocates are nothing if not tenacious. So when it comes to carbon taxes, I say kick ‘em while they’re down.

To that end, I excerpt below some insightful comments by several contributors to last week’s National Journal Energy Blog discussion, “Is Washington Ready for a Carbon Tax?

David Kreutzer (Heritage Foundation) notes the chutzpah of those who, having failed to sell the public on the stealth energy tax called cap-and-trade, now expect the public to buy an open, avowed, unvarnished energy tax:

Once the electorate was made to realize that cap and trade bills (Lieberman-Warner, Waxman-Markey, etc.) were actually taxes on fossil energy, cap and trade became political poison. So it is surprising that an explicit tax on fossil energy is now being pushed in Washington.

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  1. Why are they surprised; Obama is trying to kill the domestic energy industry in this country.

    • Partly right, Nobama is intent on killing this country & everything that makes us exceptional. He wants to reduce the U.S. to a 3rd rate banana republic, with him as the dictator.

  2. The so called "carbon" initiative is based on false and misleading "science", and should never become a part of politics. It is simply a means to control the masses and impose economic poverty over the entire world. One has to ask what kind of perverted mind would want to impoverish everyone??!!

    • pigboatpilot says:

      Radical Muslim Caliphate is the perverted mind that would impoverish the world. The question is why are the socialists helping?

    • richard holmes says:

      This carbon tax is just a money making scam. Nothing else. It doesn't cut polutant out put. It just shifts the blame around while some politician and his money bag lobbyist get richer off it.

  3. Obama policy is to divide and conquer, not to lead. the democrat muslim in chief is going to break america.

  4. Just take a look…at the face to the right of this screen!! That tells ALL!

  5. the reason the left managers to keep things moving to the left is that they never give up. A small step combined with many other small steps makes a big step.
    The dumb arse republicans never learn that to stop this you take no steps to the left and work at taking a few to the right.
    When you sell out principles and compromise you have no principles.

  6. OK, I'll say it louder, NO NEW TAXES and NO OLD TAXES EITHER!

    • JennieWalsh says:

      I second that motion. SEE: —–to expose the lies and fraud of the government's two sets of books, follow the links. Hopefully, the more the American people wise up to the criminal crooks in government, the more free we will be from economic grand theft and dictatorship.

  7. Hi,,

  8. JennieWalsh says:

    The Satanic globalist New World Order organized crime syndicate will use any and every opportunity to scare gullible people into giving them money to finance their extravagant lifestyles and their Agenda 21 and all their evils around the world.
    Actually, believe it or not, Gordon Michael Scallion and Laurie Toy, spiritual and prayerful individuals, along with a number of others, received revelations that the world would be, at this time, transitioning into a sub-tropical climate, world wide, with MUCH MORE WATER and MUCH LESS LAND. It has nothing to do with carbon dioxide or pollution. I tend to believe spiritual revelations and I would advise anyone who lives near rivers, lakes, streams, oceans to move to higher land. I would also advise everyone to tell anyone who pushes the Satanic carbon tax to go jump into a lake.

  9. Old Robert says:

    Watch out for the "Storm Water Fee" ,where you are taxed on the amount of rain water that falls on your land. Washington State is already running this "Scam"!!!!

  10. The carbon tax is just as fraudulent as the current administration. Obama and his gang of unAmerican miscreants are subtlely pushing the US toward globalism. The UN has turned into the most corrupt, anti-American organization in the world, yet nincompoops such as Obama and Clinton continually support their agenda. Rather than bowing to this highly tainted group we should be extricating ourselves from it.

  11. The true American People should demand the whole obama administration and 90% of congress pay a stupidity tax.

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