Braindead Chicago students discuss “Divestment” from fossil fuels

When will they learn that this is all a scam by politically connected millionaires for politically connected millionaires? I was a college student just a few years ago. SNAP OUT OF IT!!


  1. These deluded children will rue this in the future when they can't pay their energy bills on the meager paychecks they will be receiving and Mom and Dad finally tell them they can't stay home and sponge off them any longer.

    • soldiermom11 says:

      I have no idea what they just said. Some of them used big words that meant nothing. You could tell these kids were trying to retrieve from memory the well practiced speeches of the Bill Ayers drones they had been listening to. If you send your kids to one of these schools you better brain wash them before they get there otherwise they will become part of the Borg.

      • they also have no idea what they just said, and then they all went out and climbed in their cars and left! Where do they think electricity and gasoline and coal that fuel our machines that make the money for them to go to school comes from? they sit in warm classrooms or air conditioned halls and listen to prattle without turning on their brains just as generations of children in almost grown up bodies did before them. There is always an issue that they can take up and be passionate about. We need to get to the educational system and stop them hearing this garbage before we can engage their minds in something that is actully useful! So sick of the idiots running things. The educational system is broke andnobody seems to want to step u
        p and fix it. My children are grown and my grands were home schooled by smart mothers who were taught to think. they never marched for or spent their passions on such stupidity! they spent their time listening to Gods word and filled their minds with things that actually help those about them! They also learned to work.

      • winstonsmith6079 says:

        AMEN! I have this to say about [whatever they said] "Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimbal in the wabe …" WTF, makes more sense than some of the stuff, here!

    • She said, while living in her prent's basement, "playing on the computer in her underwear. All this energy stuff is wonderful, the "green" nonsense, but it doesn't exist! Get real. Global warming is a hoax, has been from the get-go. Fossil fuels are all we've got. Maybe these doofuses need to start paying some energy bills, get into the real world, THEN they might have some credibility. As it is, it's just another ignorant, ill informed whacko blabbering away their typical nonsense & deserves to be ignored!

    • Rather than pay energy bills, they could be branded, so they are not permitted to buy oil, gas, anything with plastic.

      And the undertakers will be glad of the business.

  2. OMG, we are doomed

  3. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the Word of God!

  4. where are the parents to these students. they need to sit them down and explain the facts and give thems some truths to decide for them seves what is right from wrong. but oh they maybe braindead as well. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

    • those parents are busy wasting their money on an educational system that teaches them all sorts of idiotic thing
      s! If they didn't pay for it they would be able to affect change! I like Englands system of making the kids take a year off and work getting a real job in the real world before they go back to school and waste their money on a non useful education about things that do not bear on reality!

    • The parents were mostly red diaper babies who morphed into Democrat Progressives. This is the third generation of progressively indoctrinated (educated) children and we can expect to see more of the same unless we the people start demanding that they, the educators cease their progressive indoctrination and educate our children.l Until then we must persevere and build an effective propaganda machine to compete with the progressive propaganda industry. (mainstream media and public education)

  5. GrustyOldGeezer says:

    Simple cure for these 'children'.

    Take their car keys, take their bus passes, shut off the heat and AC in their dorm rooms, remove any and all foods transported by motorized vehicles, remove any clothing they purchased in a store or online, remove every scrap of paper, pens/pencils….

    Thei computers were manufactured using fossil fuels, the raw materials were mined using fossil fuels…

    The dorms they live in were built by fossil fuels.

    And the list goes on….

    (TOFU is created using fossil fuels)

    • I think you just made the point this student was trying to make. We are far too dependent on fossil fuels. You know there are alternatives but they need money for innovation in order to make them viable. Why is there such an opposition to moving away from fossil fuels? It's like people are afraid.

  6. Carl Stevenson says:

    Brainwashed idiots! I'd they are our future, we are SO screwed!

    Parents, take your children our of the government run indoctrination centers a.k.a. public schools) and educate them so that they can see the truth and actually learn something about how the world works.

    • The first place the UN (communists) started implementing Agenda 21 was in the education system. Obviously their brainwashing has been a success. If we are ever going to get back to conservative values we are going to need a system of retraining camps.

  7. jheasler12175 says:

    It seems rather obvious that these students are not paying their own bills. I love that they "demand" what their universities and their parents should be doing. My take on it is that when you start paying your own way in life, then you can begin to make demands. Until then, be thankful that you are fortunate enough to have someone that is making your experience at university possible. Judging from some of the comments made, I would say that these student's parents money is being wasted. They're using up my oxygen.

    • tiredofbums says:

      If this is what they're learning they need to pay their own way and do it without a car or bus. Parroting the dogma taught by socialists. Every one of them is a product of socialist engineering. I liked the first dumb chick with her demands. I demand you give back everything fossil fuels made for you Useful idiots and fools.

  8. This is what they teach the children attending college ??????? The entire system of ed-u-ca-tion needs a major over-haul. Beginning with first grade it seems children are being instructed that their parents have been living a lie, and that they, the students are the only hope to change things. This is really sick.

    These so-called educated students need to learn how to pay their own way in the world such as it is. What this country has become is disgusting.

  9. ANTICRIME says:

    THIS IS THE RESULT of a Commie-infiltrated educational system;…..DUMBED-DOWN, gullible kids that will be manipulated like Silly Putty in the hands of despots, thus in the end will suffer the worst!

  10. Stupid people should not pro-create.

  11. It's sad to think that these are college students. If they are the best we have then God help the world. I'm sure everyone of them drove their cars to the University on Mommy and Daddy'd dime. They are truly ignorant as to where all of this stuff comes from. Blame it on our educators and our education system. It is out of wack also, along with our Government. If those students who were speaking had to work for a living in the real world, they would think differently.

  12. Kid Richie says:

    These young people are walking, talking ZOMBIES! And, the Socialist Democrats want to make us all like these brain-washed, brain-dead srudents. Half of the country voted for Obama, so they are half-way there in their goal.

    Let us beware of these 'brain-snatchers'!

  13. These kids are Brain-Dead and so are a lot of adults that do no reasearch. One example is Fossil Fuel is and has been a lie. Oil is Abiotic, I dare anyone to do research on Abiotic.

  14. Universities are supposed to be bastions of science and philosophy.
    Now, they are becoming purveyors or misinformation and propaganda–places for indoctrinating developing young minds.

  15. I would say they are not brain-dead, but brain-washed. This will be our future, unless we can restore truth to the main streams of information, including the academia and the media. It took decades to get to this point and, unfortunately it may take decades to undo. Parents! Get involved in your kid's education. Some 'professors' will do everything they can to dilute and delegitimize every good, traditional idea and value you taught them.

  16. Turn off their electricity take away their cell phones and iPads.Turn off their heat take away their bmws and then tell them to survive without our tax money funding their idiotic ideals and watch how quickly they change their tunes on energy in America!

  17. 2WarAbnVet says:

    We've finally created an entire generation of good little government zombies who will believe everything their masters teach them. Hey, it's easier than thinking for one's self.


  19. These chuckleheads are going to discuss the University's investments? They are stakeholders? Grow up. Shut up. Learn. Or you will have no future.

  20. These kids are the same ones who initially peacefully protested wallstreet, and protested war, Viet Nam, Korea, WWII and WWI. It is the nature of youngsters to latch on to causes whether they understand them or not. These same young people volunteer to help out in any number of worthy causes. It is the nature of the age group. I'm almost 72 and vaguely remember my dedication to things I thought were important during my youth. Age and experience reenforced some of those ideals and eliminated others.

  21. With all the words they try to use, I wonder if they know that green energy is just another buzz word.
    If you work to reduce the use of oil and natural gas, then it will take some real reseach and development at those colleges.
    Unless you can come up with real workable solution to the oil and coal usage then you should not be spouting about how much you are against them. These students have spent to much time listening to their liberal professors and not doing the hard studies that will be required to find answers to these problems.

  22. shewalksaway says:

    I demand the world get along…as though that makes a difference. Are our colleges just teaching our kids to demand? TEACH THEM TO FIND SOLUTIONS, sheesh, and stop brainwashing them to be atheist Marxists.

  23. mike grunewald says:

    why are these Idiots getting student loans they are to stupid to cash the check and won't ever be able to pay back God help US all these are Obama voters

  24. Future "Leaders" OMG and We thought "Obama" was bad Good Luck America !! Your gonna need it !

  25. These stupid kids will learn what fools they are, but it will be too late!

  26. cliff householder says:

    We are totally screwed if we must depend on this generations"Educated idiots"who have no doubt been brainwashed by their left wing prof.

  27. chefrobert1407 says:

    To me anyone who survives by living off of others is a Parasite and that is what most of the so called Students who blindly follow the teaching and ranting of Parasite Professors. In order to clear my teaching credentials I had to take many worthless course and by a book (at high price)of these so called teacher at my expense not someones else money. Of course being out spoken, when one Professor made the assignment to write a paper of what we learned that day. I wrote, That if I sit on this cold metal chair and listen to your B/S daily I will soon have hemorrhoids as for what you rant or preach will not in anyway make me a better teacher or earn me a living.

  28. All these comments show how ignorance is spread. The commenters accuse the students of being ignorant yet they are showing it themselves. Kids/students will always be idealists and always be influenced by older more ignorant people on every side of an argument. It's how wars are fought. These kids want a better more sustainable future and rather than applaud the ethos of what they are trying to say the comments are at times misinformed, ignorant and prejudiced by many influences including political misinformation, misunderstanding of scientific facts and prejudice of previous generations. Stupidity doesn't have an age limit, age itself does not mean wisdom. To those who say do the research, I have, and that means looking and reading ALL sides of the argument, understanding it and coming to a conclusion that can be empirically proven or justified. I will bet that only a few if any of these commenters has actually done proper research, not armchair research, into the subject. The students wish for ethical investment is not the devil at work, or I would say politically influenced or motivated but rather a sincere, only sometimes naive, wish for a better world. There are scientifically proven ways forward that could provide a better life for us all but ignorance and ill informed views are holding this back so to those people I say, actually DO the research, before trying to put down those who only want a better future for themselves and their children.


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