Prevention of Airline Carbon Taxes Should Be a Model for Carbon Regulations

President Obama recently signed legislation that prevents the European Union (EU) from taxing U.S. airline emissions for planes that travel to and from EU countries.

Although the EU announced it would delay the tax from its broader cap-and-trade-like system for a year, the new law protects U.S. airlines from the tax unless the International Civil Aviation Organization reaches a global agreement.

Congress and President Obama deserve kudos for protecting American air carriers and consumers from the EU’s attempt to unilaterally impose a tax on Americans. Now they should step up to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from doing the same thing.

When President Obama signed the bill, Senator Claire McCaskill (D–MO) remarked, “I’m happy for American consumers, who are the real winners here. It never made a bit of sense for European governments to tax our citizens for flying over our own airspace—and with the passage of this law we’ve got the tools we need to prevent it from happening and protect American jobs.”

The executive branch should carry the same logic to our own borders. Despite Congress’s rejection of domestic cap-and-trade schemes, the EPA is unilaterally imposing regulations on carbon dioxide (CO2)—a colorless, odorless, and non-toxic gas.

Read more at The Foundry. By Nicolas Loris.

Photo credit: peace chicken (Creative Commons)


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  2. So now HE doesn't like the Green Energy rules he has pushed so hard? I have hollered JET fuel being a big polluter for YEARS! The BILLIONS he funneled to his Union supporters COULD have been used to research and produce a cleaner, more efficient, jet fuel! Modifying gas engines could have SAVED us billions, made us less dependant on Middle East OIL, and created millions of jobs instead of losing millions! GW Bush had a plan to "rescue" GM that would have been a much better investment for our tax dollars, safety nets that would have protected US, restrictions on HOW the recovery money would be spent and repaid! And would have cost about 80% LESS! HE completely ignored Bush's proposal to "save" GM and instead put together a "gommed up mess" that reimbursed his "donors" and left tax payers with the loss!!

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