Think tank to sue EPA to force cap-and-trade rules

A think tank is preparing to sue the Environmental Protection Agency to demand that the agency set up a cap-and-trade system for the transportation sector to rein in greenhouse gas emissions from fuels.

“We think the agency’s powers are super clear,” said Michael Livermore, executive director at the Institute for Policy Integrity at the New York University School of Law, which notified EPA of its lawsuit plans Wednesday.

The institute had petitioned EPA to craft the regulations in 2009 and says the public’s urgency for discussing climate change is heightened after Hurricane Sandy pounded New York, New Jersey and much of the rest of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.

“The damage caused by superstorm Sandy was widely linked to some of the potential risks associated with a warming planet. It highlighted the need to work faster to bring down emissions,” Livermore said.

The cap the group is seeking would limit the amount of fuel going into the U.S. economy from refiners and fuel importers, Livermore told POLITICO.

Read more at Politico. By Erica Martinson.

Photo credit: katerkate (Creative Commons)


  1. cranial rectal impaction caused by to much green

  2. why are we living with this green bit? We have a small fortune in Windmills in western Ohio, They are areal money saver they can produce for Eighty- Eight Dollars the same amount of energy you can get for a Dollar out of a coal powered power plant , and as there is no practical way to store the wind energy ,we still need a backup ,, Wind don't blow no power , As for global warming look at the dust bowel time in thirties , most of these temps still stand as high temps today , and then in seventies ,,are we going into another Ice Age ?? Why do we even need EPA ,, our private power companies are doing great, we belong to Mid west Power out of St. Marys ,Ohio

  3. Prior to Obamanation if a utility wanted to build a power plant (apparently they are now illegal) you needed a few years to obtain all the permits required to construct and operate. In Texas wind farms have cropped up like an unwanted mother-in-law. Not only do we get screwed by having the landscape destroyed and higher energy costs the US Fish & Wildlife Service comes and takes control of private property by declaring transmission corridors as critical habitat for theatened/endangered species. Yet they fail to assess the impacts of wind turbines on birds. Land control is more important to the government than the loss of a few birds.

  4. These guys are in league with Obama's EPA. They sue, some corrupt judge rules in their favor, then EPA says, "Don't blame us, the court made us do it."
    Typical leftist scam.

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