Obama EPA “Honors” Kids

Here’s another way the EPA is brainwashing our kids:


  1. we will see how our kids will fare without a job later in life , that they are now unknowingly are helping to destroy! there is no way around it , IF you want commerce ( like the EPA selling appliances to kids), then some tree's have to be felled. some trucks have to drive it to the mill. etc.etc. you cannot stop these things. UNLESS "our kids" are going to be hunter gatherer's ( again)LOL , yeah right!

  2. How dare you coaxing children to pollute the environment with lead.

  3. EPA (and government in general) Yea, children are our future (duh!), we have to brainwash them while they're young because if they learn to think we'll never be able to,sell the this line of BS …

  4. Brainwashing children is all part of Agenda 21.

  5. It's all about profiting from selling so-called high efficiency appliances. Get rid of the old and buy the new. Bull roar; this would only serve to increase polluting land fills.

    Just saw a scientific documentary that portrayed global warming is also affecting our neighboring planets as well as the Earth. Last I heard there were no vehicular or industrial CO2 emissions on Mars or Venus. Judas priest, get with the reality of cyclical climate changes.

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