Enough! Time to stop the EPA!

Americans are a patient people. They tolerate untold amounts of government waste and incompetence, unnecessary regulations that are impossible to comply with, and a tax code so complicated that even people with modest incomes or no income at all have to hire people to file their tax returns.

But there is a limit even to American perseverance, and one agency of the national government has clearly exceeded it: the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Today, The Heartland Institute is submitting to Congress more than 16,000 signed petitions demanding that Congress “rein in the EPA.” The petition recites EPA’s many sins against science and common sense committed during its campaign “to scare the American people into believing that their health, safety and even survival was at stake because of man-made global warming.”

Read more at The Daily Caller. By Joseph Bast.

Photo credit: TexasGOPVote.com (Creative Commons)


  1. The EPA is a perfect example of how a country can appease the radical single issue idiots and ultimately regulate themselves into destruction. This agency HAS to go!

  2. Yes, thr EPA is distroying the Country! They are distroying peoples lives and livelyhood! What type of organuzation does that? They MUST GO!!!!

  3. We're not just tolerant, we are extremely permissive. Like the children of permissive parents, spoiled children are "trained".

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