Time For Obama’s EPA To Get O-U-T

(NNPA) The votes have been cast. The ballots have been counted. And for most Americans, the day-to-day attention paid to the political process – free of the spectacle of a presidential election – fades into the background.

But what exactly is poised to happen within the government now that the spotlight has dimmed?

After one of the most polarizing and incendiary election cycles in recent memory, with billions spent on negative ads and countless accusations hurled from one side to another, we find ourselves right where we started.

Democrats retain control of the Senate by a slightly larger margin – a major disappointment for Republicans who just months ago dreamed of big pickups. The House remains in Republican hands, but not without some bumps and bruises for the majority party after having lost senior members in key committee positions, from Cliff Stearns to Mary Bono-Mack.

Most importantly, President Obama won a decisive second term in office. After having governed with one hand tied behind his back by re-election concerns for the past two years, the Obama administration is now free to pursue desired policy without the encumbrances that have kept many of the party’s favored agenda items in the barn for the past two years.

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  1. Is it too much to ask our congressmen and senators to do the job they were elected to do? I think not but there isn't much enthusiasm on their part to halt the runaway Obama administration and his agency heads. I'm sure the establishment republican elites are more than happy to have the number of patriot supported congressmen defeated. After all maintaining their power is more important than working for the people. Washington DC needs an overall house cleaning. The sooner the better.

    • The Liberals are infactuated with themselves at this point. They are into control. No one seems to have the guts to stand up to them. Where is the Supreme Court to declare this nonsense unConstitutional?

      • Huapakechi says:

        If you wil recall, the courts have ruled against the administration and its' agencies, and has been ignored. Since the fraudulent election put this bunch back in power, perhaps it is time to remove the administration by any means necessary?

  2. As long as the Dumocraps are allowed to continue to give our assets away and call it social welfare programs they will continue to receive the support of the many who would rather feed off the work of others and sit on their duffs. As long as that continues the status quo will remain as we see it today.
    Good Bye FOOLS !!!!

    • 17T in debt and "the money is running out fast"? Get a grip dad. Free Foreign Aid to our enemies? Read a little dad. What are you trying to do?

  3. jmsmaxwell says:

    Wahington DC has become so corrupt and rat infested by lawyers that it is almost impossible to get any
    decent legislators there. They are so involved with the struggle for powere for themselves and their
    respctive parties that thay have ignored the fact of who elected them. But one party knows they have
    thier slaves lined up to turn out at ever election no matter what they do since a large number of their
    supportors have lived off the welfare, food stamp , government assistnat programs that they have lost thier
    will or desire to improve thier lot in life. They still have the plantation mentality and expect the people with
    money to support them while they laze about and do nothing.

    • You're falling for that "divide and conquer" BS. Obama prints it, gives it away, and adds to our debt. He wants us bankrupt beyond repair so the Central Banks, the UN and the NWO can take over.

  4. the gay arab and fat butt jackson are going to have American for lunch with crippling regulations. Barry will appoint 4 SCOTUS justices and the liberal agenda will never be removed

    • Well who wee wee on your breakfast this morning. Instead of pissing and mooing about it why don’t we figure out what to do about it ? And violence doesn’t need to play part.

    • BS, we will have him nullified. He didn't get elected, all the votes have never been counted, he didn't even allow the military vote. The vote results were rigged. The GOP physically removed Ron Paul in Tampa. It sounds like either you don't read and only post or your a paid troll.

  5. I know people don't want to hear this, but the only way to clean Washington is by force. Watch the Egyptians.


  7. Dan Stewart says:

    Somehow, we have to get obummer out. At this point I can't see violence as a solution, maybe in the future it will be necessary. For now, all that is needed is for obummer to be arrested & charged with treason. He is guilty of so many treasonious acts that I cannot understand why he is not in prison. If he were a white republican he would have been arrested LONG ago. What in the world is this country coming to.

    • The Central Banks, our congress, senate, local politicians and media, UN, all listen to the political mouth of the NWO. We the people are out of the loop. They think they have all the control they need – but they are wrong. They will never have the Tea Party, don't buy that it's official anything, we will follow the Constitution.

    • No i wouldn’t want to spend another tax dollar on this thug. And most likely nothing would ever happen. I say we ship his scrawling little behind back to Kenya and to make clear to never step foot in the GREAT US of A again. I’ll even pay for the shipping and handling.

  8. Donald Mather says:


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