EPA forces green agenda into immigrants’ language classes

The Environmental Protection Agency has long spread its extremist position by shoehorning “green” language into any outlet possible. Agency bureaucrats behind the latest ploy have outdone themselves, though. They are now reaching a very captive — and very coveted — group of individuals.

A new teaching guide instructs teachers to mix in heavy doses of environmentally-friendly language in lessons for non-English speakers. The government-approved syllabus includes forcing new students to invade their neighbors’ privacy and report on their recycling habits. Instructors also require students to similarly spy on colleagues and fellow students and report their findings.

A sample “home support activity” from the course guide consists of students weighing themselves alone and then again “with the bag of household garbage thrown out each day.” They must then multiply the difference “by seven days, 30 days, and 365 days to get a sense of the amount of garbage generated by each student.”

In a section specifically for instructors, the EPA guidelines include using “environmentally-related words” in vocabulary lessons. The agency suggests that language classes “can serve as a portal through which many newcomers pass as a first step in integrating themselves into their new communities and American society.”

The most important trait in becoming an American is apparently reporting fellow citizens who dare throw away a soda can.

I’ve always advocated being a good steward of the natural resources entrusted to mankind by God, but the worship of all things green by many of today’s leaders is, in my estimation, almost entirely disingenuous. The lunatic left — consisting of politicians, activists, lobbyists, and other militant environmentalists — is more concerned with regulating the daily life of supposedly free citizens than saving a world more than capable of taking care of itself.


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  1. The Communist plot slogs on.

  2. Control..control! These teachers should be ashamed, but it's their pay checks they care about!

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