How Much Will Portrait Of EPA Head Cost Taxpayers?

I think she nails it right on the head. Contains some strong language…


  1. Von Rowley says:


  2. I don't want any of my taxpayer dollars going to the EPA for anything. If the ugly thing wants a potrait of herself, let her commission and pay for it herself.

  3. We should be glad that it is not a full torso painting of Jackson. That would cost us 1 million since she is such an elephant , no offense meant to elephants but lard ass may have been censored

  4. I would encourage everyone to e-mail their congressmen and congresswomen requesting that the EPA be defunded and closed. By implementing massive regulations on the American people, it serves only to destroy. Nothing for the good has ever come from the EPA, and never will. The time has come to get rid of this useless department.

  5. MGM will gladly give them a portrait of the original Porky Pig for nothing; the resemblance is unmistakeable and the price will be right.

  6. ConservaDave says:

    This is not a isolated case. They are doing this for other "officials" too at ridiculous cost to the taxpayers. There is this technology, about 175 years old called "photograhy" that could have spared us the expense.

  7. victorbarney says:

    DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE EPA! IT'S ONLY THE "TIP" OF THE ICEBURG! AS ABSOLUTELY PROVEN BY ENGLAND(NOW MARXIST IN IDEOLOGY ALL OF THE 1900's!), AMERICA TOO IS "ISRAEL" BY THE SEED OF JOSEPH, NOT JUDAH, BUT INCLUDING THEM(GEN. 48:16)! HOWEVER, 'ISRAEL" BROKE THE CORRESPONDING COVENANT, WHICH WAS KEEPING OF THE SABBATHS(WEEKLY & ANNUAL) & LOST THEIR "IDENTIFYING SIGN!" Next comes the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 & they will only leave 144,000 Israelites, 6,000 men & 6,000 women from each of the 12 tribes of "Israel" with the tribe of "Joseph" replacing the tribe of "DAN"(IRISH) as being protected during the time commonly referred to as "Jacob's trouble!" It does not apply to Obama or the gentiles, YET! IT"S GOING TO SOON HAPPEN IF YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT! I'M NOT GOING TO SAY "WATCH" UNLESS YOU HAPPEN TO BE FIRST PART OF THE PREDETERMINED 144,000 ISRAELITES AND ARE "NOT" IRISH!" p.s. Irish came with 2nd group of pilgrims & actually were "Jesuits," which is WHY "DAN" WILL "NOT" BE PROTECTED DURING "JACOB'S TROUBLE!" Again, just saying what's actually written in your Hebrew, not even Greek, inspired Scriptures(e.g., Yes, "Bible" too is a PAGAN SUBSTITUTION OF TRUTH!

  8. NO NO and NO………………..Lisa Jackson Lee is not that important……she only thinks she is. NO Miss Jackson…….absolute wast of money…….I will paint her portrait for free.

  9. John Stewart says:

    Alfred E. Newman's portrait would be more appropriate.

  10. I will sell a picture of my rear end for only $5.00.
    first come first served

  11. What part of Broke does this administration not understand….or maybe thats what they are trying to do to the country

  12. chefrobert1407 says:

    I would take gallons of paint to make a portrait of Lisa Jackson fat butt. Just where is Obama woman when we need her to get this woman on a diet and out of the government?

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