Al Gore, aka ‘Captain Planet’, Can’t Save You

On the heels of Hurricane Sandy and the re-election of President Obama last week, the Congressional Budget Office released a report titled, “Offsetting a Carbon Tax’s Costs on Low-Income Households.” Right on time, Al Gore premiered another 24-hour online global warming scarefest last night entitled, “24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report” aiming to promote “climate reality. (Starts at about the !;30 mark, unless you want to stop the TSA like I do.)


  1. Jim Livingston says:

    Tipper Gore got rid of Fat Albert, the rest of us need to do the same.

  2. Capt. Planet says:

    Save the Planet, get rid of Al Gore !

    • He was full of crap when he was in vietnam and he is still full of crap nowThis jerk lives in a house that is 22000sq ft and here he is telling other people about their cabon foot print i can see why his wife left this loser.

  3. Has anyone ever taken the time to ask Mr. Gore and others like him, what caused the Ice Age and what caused the end Of the Ice Age? Does he believe the cavemen and the fires they built to cook over, when they discovered cooked meat tasted much better then raw meat or the fact that the fires they also built to keep warm, polluted the atmosphere to such a point that they caused a global warming condition that eventually ended the Ice Age, or could it be that the earth actually goes through a cycle of climate change every few million years and we may possible be at the biginning of one now? I truly believe we should begin to find better ways to do things so as to, slow down our polution of the atmosphere but listening to Al Gore and others like him, trying to convince the masses that they are so knowledgable that their way is the only way to go, makes me and others, like me I'm sure, sick of listening to him.,

  4. This fantasy dreamer is nothing but a control driven moron who refuses to recognize that his original Conspiracy has been exposed and proven to be bogus and yet he continues to puish his agenda. Our liberal media keeps giving him air and press time and space to further his moronic agenda.
    They both need to be removed from our society to allow us to deal with reality and its issues like the fraud in the white house.

  5. It's not the earth that is warming it is the Sun.

  6. John Stewart says:

    Someone has to explain cyclic to TUBBY. Not only is he challenging the auto mfrs. on KWH usage, he is probably the single biggest producer of methane on the planet.

  7. He should be siting in prison right next to Madoff. Shjould through Obumer & Holder in there too.

  8. Taxpayers finance his security service by virtue of his having been VP. Gore's greatest danger is his promotion of a hoax about climate change. If he wants to do that; fine but let him pay for his own security. There is no reason taxpayers should be on the hook for providing security for every elected official for life once they leave office.

  9. Gore is pusing this so he cam accumulate an additional billion dollars.

  10. Sorry about the misspelling.

  11. Florida Jim says:

    For several years there was a You Tube video showing Professor JoelRrogers, a supporter of global warming, of University of Wisconsin showing Prof. rogers caught on a student camera laughing and joking about global warming and what a scam it really was with dying polar bears and no snow for Santa Claus. Joel rogers thought is was quite clever to rip off the nation with carbon taxes knowing it did nothing but steal money to give to those involved in th scam. That video was scrubbed recently after Obama's reelection….I wonder why?

  12. Homo

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