Fear-Mongering ABC Hypes Latest Global Warming Disaster: The End of Coffee!

The alarmist journalists at Good Morning America on Sunday hyped a new report that fretted over whether global warming will spell the end of coffee. Reporter John Muller warned, “…The coffee bean may be going to way of the dinosaur. We’re talking about extinction if you believe this new study…” [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

Painting a dark picture, Muller worried, “Scientists from the Kew Royal Botanical Gardens ran computer models on global warming, finding that if their worst estimates come true, in 68 years, there would be nowhere on Earth suitable for wild coffee growth.” To compliment the fear-mongering, the journalist included on-the-street interviews with people offering concerns such as “I don’t think I could live if I didn’t have coffee.”

An article on CBSNews.com skipped any subtlety and went directly to scare tactics:

“Those of us who enjoy our morning cup of coffee, we may not always realize that future climate change due to extreme temperatures, increased precipitation, really could in some ways put that at risk,” [Todd Sanford, a climate scientist from the Union of Concerned Scientists] added.

Increased carbon emissions have been linked to global climate change. So for coffee lovers, the idea of waking up without their morning brew could be a wake-up call to lead a more eco-friendly life.

Read more at NewsBusters. By Scott Whitlock.

Photo credit: Fresh Conservative (Creative Commons)

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