Coal CEO’s Touching prayer For America

(Editor’s note: Robert E. Murray, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Murray Energy Corp., delivered this prayer and message to approximately 50 staff members last Wednesday afternoon. He provided The Intelligencer with the letter he read to employees upon being asked to comment on the layoff of a number of employees the day after the 2012 general election. He said the company will be forced to make more layoffs in the coming months.)

Mr. Robert E. Murray’s Prayer, as shared with his workers:

Dear Lord:

The American people have made their choice. They have decided that America must change its course, away from the principals of our Founders. And, away from the idea of individual freedom and individual responsibility. Away from capitalism, economic responsibility, and personal acceptance.

We are a Country in favor of redistribution, national weakness and reduced standard of living and lower and lower levels of personal freedom.

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  1. Expect a lot more of this…If the administration is allowed to pursue their attack on coal via EPA's OVER regulating of coal and other efficient energy producing enities, we the people will see drastically increased costs to our way of life. Worse still will be the wide spread absence of electric power ,as our power grids are increasingly overwhelmed by demands they cannot meet in times emergency. These grids were set up to provide local power ,but to also support surounding area grids should there be failures. I have seen nothing in the media to support my suspisions, that during the huge blackouts from the storm that preceded 'Sandy", that many areas were the victim of a rolling blackout due to undamaged ,but overwhelmed adjacient grids. In the future if this is allowed to continiue and our power grids become more marginal still ,due to these over regulations, then on longer will power outages be few and with quickly restored service. We will find that restoration of services will have become difficult as there is no adjacient grid from which to "prime the pump" ( to coin a phrase ).

  2. My thoughts are that folks in and around CLeveland inner city and Philly should be the first to lose their lights, heat, etc…they voted almost 100% for Obama's agenda and giveaway…so let's give away their heat and lights first to the "red" portion of the states….

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