Environmentalist Money Buys Elections

OK, the headline is a bit snarky. But the Washington Post is reporting that various environmentalist lobbying groups spent tens of millions on campaigns to help elect candidates that they liked and defeat some that they didn’t. From the Post:

For years, environmentalists have been seen as marginal players in presidential and congressional elections.

That may have changed this week.

The environmental community scored a string of successes Tuesday in states ranging from New Mexico to Montana to Texas, winning seven out of eight targeted Senate races and at least three, and possibly four, of their targeted House races. Although plenty of outside groups poured money into these contests, even some fossil fuel industry representatives said environmentalists invested their resources wisely in 2012….

The League of Conservation Voters spent more than $14 million this year, more than it had in the past three election cycles combined, and groups including the Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation Action Fund, Defenders of Wildlife Action Committee, Environment America and Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund also devoted money and volunteers to key contests.

Read more at Reason. By Ronald Bailey.


  1. MASSIVE V0TER [email protected] – Soros, 0bama and H0lder.
    0bama won EVERY state that did NOT have V0ter ID Laws in place.
    V0ter [email protected] in OH: In Cleveland, in some districts 0bama got 100% of the v0te in dozens of

    In Cleveland's Fifth Ward, 0bama won districts E, F, and G 1,337 to Mitt Romney's… 0.
    In 22 districts, 0bama won 100% of the v0te in Cleveland.
    In 44 districts, 0bama won 14,686 to 23. That's .16% of the v0te for Romney.
    V0ter [email protected]ud PA:
    0bama Got Over 99% of V0te in 13 Philadelphia Wards Where GOP Inspectors were Removed;
    Turnout was "30%" Above Gov't Numbers.
    In Ward 4, obama received 99.5% of the v0te, defeating Mr. Romney 9,955 to 55.
    V0ter turnout in Philadelphia was around 60 percent, according to state election figures,
    even though the ballots cast show that all voter voted.
    In these precincts it was well over 90% according to House Speaker Sam Smith of Pennsylvania.
    Considering all of the other "coincidences" going on, it doesn't seem kosher.
    V0ter [email protected] CO: There are MORE registered v0ters than there are eligible to v0te citizens.
    1 county had 130% MORE v0tes cast, than it has citizens.

  2. I trust these politically active organizations are no longer hiding under the cloak of non-profit, non-political.

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