‘War on coal’ rhetoric not enough to propel Republican Senate candidates to victory

Voters in coal producing swing states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia elected Democrats to the Senate, despite their Republican challengers trying to tie them to the Obama administration’s alleged “war on coal.”

In Pennsylvania, Democratic Sen.Bob Casey handily defeated Republican Tom Smith, even after being attacked by Smith for supporting President Obama’s “war on coal” and

“The President’s EPA has clearly declared a war on coal – an industry crucial to our economy and Sen. Casey has done nothing to support the energy industry and the Pennsylvania jobs it creates,” Smith said in a statement.

Read more at The Daily Caller. By Michael Bastasch.


  1. Obama's victory could be the beginning of the next civil war in this country. Romney wasn't a great candidate either, but was the lesser of the 2 evils. Both parties are totally corrupt. Our government is a criminal enterprise supported by the ignorant masses kept ignorant by a corporate controlled mainstream media. Those that voted Democratic will be truly sorry they did if they are intelligent enough to figure out why they are out of a job,and the economy is crashing. They haven't figured it out so far. It is now legal for our government to kill or imprison US citizens without due process of law as of Dec 3, 2011 when Obama, with bipartisan support, signed the NDAA. (Romney also supported this legislation)

    • Romney didn't have a bag with goodies for all the good little girls and boys. People were going to have to contribute to their welfare. With Obama someone else pays. This country slipped over the 50% mark.

  2. Date given for passage of NDAA in my previous posting is wrong-should be Dec 31, 2011. This computer occasionally drops characters being typed, and I didn't catch it before closing the posting.

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