Harsher energy regulations seen in Obama’s second term

(Reuters) – Energy producers braced for tighter regulation in President Barack Obama’s second term, with coal companies expecting more emissions restrictions and drillers anticipating less access to federal land even as his platform promotes energy independence.

Opponents already believe Obama has waged a “war on coal” through the administration’s push for stricter regulation of greenhouse gas emissions by the Environmental Protection Agency.

“Four more years of President Obama translates into additional pressure on the coal industry from the EPA and numerous environmental groups,” energy investment bank Simmons & Co said in a note to investors on Wednesday.

Analysts at ClearView Energy Partners in Washington expect Obama to “continue prosecuting energy policy through regulation and administrative action, with only the courts as a check on that agenda.”

Miners criticize Obama for not living up to a 2008 promise to develop clean coal technology, arguing that his policies actually preclude theconstruction of any new coal plants.

Read more at Reuters. By Nichola Groom and Braden Reddall.


  1. We will be a communist nation by the end of the year.

  2. And the "AIR HEADS" voted for him because of free CONDOMS!!!

  3. None of this is a surprise. Anyone that watched 2016 knows what he's up to. Skys the limit now,

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