Polling Purple, Spinning Green


Polling these days is often a form a spin. Pollsters artfully phrase and sequence questions to elicit the answers the sponsor is paying for. The sponsor then uses the answers to influence the voter attitudes he pretends the poll merely reflects. The sponsor bets that more voters will support his agenda if they believe (however mistakenly) that most of their neighbors do too. It’s the old self-fulfilling prophesy trick.

Especially during the silly season, some organizations spend lots of cash trying to manufacture the appearance that their preferred candidate has already won. Their operative premise is that you can fool most of the people most of the time — or at least hoodwink enough people in swing (purple) states to make a difference at the ballot box.

What prompts this reflection is an article in today’s Greenwire about an opinion survey of swing state voters conducted by Public Policy Polling for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The poll allegedly finds that voters in eight swing states prefer by 57% to 32% a presidential candidate who supports EPA regulation of mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants. That candidate, of course, is Barack Obama.

Read more at GlobalWarming.org. By Marlo Lewis.


  1. The problem continues to be that the EPA and it's boss Obama lie about pretty much everything. The American people have absolutely no idea what is fact and what is ideological garbage. An honest evaluation of the EPA would be that most of its interference in business and in our lives is an ideological craving for power – control of the American people. They have no concept of what honesty, truth or science are.

    For your own use, it might be worthwhile taking a look at http://www.gov-truth.com
    which tangentially addresses this problem. The site is dedicated to
    examining the actual causes of the worldwide financial crisis we now endure.

  2. Polls you can't believe from pollsters you can't trust.

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