EPA wannabe? Transportation Department goes after natural gas drilling

President Obama’s EPA hasn’t managed to put a dent in fracking so far, and so now the Transportation Department is getting into the act. The Transportation Department has reinterpreted an old rule in a way that undermines the industry.

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration Administration (FMCSA) recently impeded the ability of truckers to deliver water and sand to drilling sites by reinterpreting a 50-year-old rule to limit the amount of time that truck drivers can work in a day.

“This is clearly an indication that somewhere up in the top echelons of this administration, there is a constant battle — a war going on — to try to artificially level the playing field between the oil and gas industry and the renewable [energy] industry,” Rep. Jeff Landry, R-La., told The Washington Examiner in a phone interview yesterday.

The new spin on the old rule “declares that [commercial motor vehicles] hauling water and sand in furtherance of oilfield activities are no longer able to use the waiting time exception,” Landry and over sixty other lawmakers wrote to Transportation Secretary LaHood last week. The new “guidance” on the old rule means that trucks carrying water and sand cannot stay at the work site for longer than 11 hours a day.

Read more at the Washington Examiner. By Joel Gehrke.

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