Sellout GOP Senator attacks local newspaper for criticizing his vote for EPA rules

Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander is attacking a newspaper in his state for criticizing his vote to help President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency implement what the paper considers an economically devastating regulation.

On June 20 Alexander was one of five GOP senators who voted to allow the EPA to implement Utility Maximum Achievable Control Technology regulations, which will force coal energy plants to install giant scrubber-like materials inside smokestacks to capture and cleanse carbon particles.

The upgrade cost could fall on company employees and coal miners in the form of layoffs, as well as on businesses that might have to pay more for energy.

Business leaders – including Obama’s own Small Business Administration – have pointed out how this regulation, contrary to EPA estimates, will be economically disastrous. In a lengthy letter to EPA Director Lisa Jackson last summer, Obama’s Small Business Administration’s advocacy office wrote that the EPA “may have significantly understated” the economic “burden this rulemaking would impose on small entities.”

Read more at The Daily Caller. By Matthew Boyle.

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