James Delingpole Exposes The Watermelon Marxists

James Delingpole takes on the Watermelon Marxists.

Back in June of this year, James Delingpole, a British columnist and expert on the junk science of “climate change,” spoke at the Heritage Foundation.

Delingpole is author of Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors, and he writes a blog for Britain’s Daily Telegraph.

Watermelons is an amazing book and one that every American should read. In it, Delingpole uses his wit and research skills to explain what’s really behind the “global warming” and “climate change” hysteria being pushed by Al Gore and his minions around the world.

Delingpole’s premise is simple: The hysteria surrounding climate change is fueled by individuals and organizations seeking to impose a one-world system of control on the planet. The Watermelons are green on the outside, but they’re deep red on the inside. They’re really Marxists hiding behind the phony crusade of “saving the world” from “man-made global warming.” This is nonsense, but dangerous nonsense.

Delingpole proves his premise by doing something that the mainstream journalists would never think of doing. He actually quotes what the Watermelons have written or spoken about their one-world globalist agenda. He lets them convict themselves with their own words. What a unique idea!

The environmentalist wackos pushing “Chicken Little” hysteria are doing it to destroy capitalism, national sovereignty and to dictate to every person on the planet how they are to live. These are eco-tyrants, plain and simple. We must do everything in our power to expose them and to stop them.


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