750 layoffs follow the EPA’s most devastating new regulation

There’s more bad news for Kentucky’s energy sector in the wake of  Big Sandy 2′s decision to not continue its coal-fired operations. This time, the victim of the Environmental Protection Agency’s unpredictable regulations is Arch Coal.

Yesterday, Arch Coal announced 750 layoffs of Appalachian coal workers – and 79% of those will be from our eastern Kentucky coal fields. The St. Louis-based coal company will be closing its facilities in Pike, Marin, and Knott Counties.

Although there are natural economic forces that have contributed to the demise of Arch Coal, the EPA’s war on Appalachia cannot be ignored when discussing these 750 jobs that have been lost. The EPA’s Utility Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) regulations – which managed to escape Congressional annulment yesterday – not only guarantee that no new coal-fired power plants can be established in the future, they also threaten existing plants in the present, as we see today.

Read more at The Bluegrass Institute. By Phil Impellizzeri.


  1. junkbin says:

    and the list of administration destroyed jobs keeps betting longer

  2. The solution to this economic problem is to remove the Obama administration and all of his political appointees from office in November.

  3. chefrobert1407 says:

    I would like to see all coal fire plants, natural gas fired and coal mines go on strike and shut down the electric grid. Call the out of control new rulers bluff of the what was the USA and now has become the Socialist States of America and rule by unelected committees with no, none oversight or controls by the people we elected to GOVERN not rule. But, these jokers have sold us down the river & given all their and our rights away to Petty Bureaucrats with secret behind door meeting to create more and more destroying regulations. As a citizen of what was the USA I call on anyone who produces or is productive to go on strike and call their bluff for they can not murders as all, like the FDA (murder for profits & control inc.) which allows poison drugs which kill thousands (at a profit margin of 30,000% & higher) and then allows poison toxins in the food supplies to make you fat and sick. Strike against tyrannicide and the new ruling TZARS.

  4. This is good news , it will help insure Obamass is not re-elected .

  5. Navy Vet says:

    Boy. That "hope and change" is working really well, for Obama. When are the coal people going to wake up and demonstrate against who is destroying their way of life. Convoy's of coal trucks need to go to Washington and stage a demonstration. It worked pretty well back in the seventies.

  6. When will the congress weake up and stop this madness. We are headed for a revolution if tehy don't back off soon.
    They are bankrupting this country with their overspending and Assinine regulations.
    On top of that we have the biggest liar and fraud in the white house EVER.

  7. why in the hell would anyone from Kentucky,West Virginia vote for any dumbocrate there all killing our jobs

  8. Abolish the EPA. Nothing but a job killer,

  9. Granted the US has problems that need to be solved. However, whether it occurs in 2013 (hopefully) or 2017 (that would be terrible), they are magnified because it is going to take decades to undo the damage Obama has done and restore America to what it was before the dark day he took office!

  10. love my guns says:

    I will never understand how this government has been able to do what there doing to kill this country and not have our congress and senate stop them. Are we looking at an uprising of the people to make all the dictators bring us back as a rule of law and the Constitution I pray we still have people that believe in our freedoms

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