EPA Official Showers Love on Anti-Fossil Fuel Activists


As President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency continues to receive much-needed scrutiny as it conducts its reign of terror (“crucifying”) on fossil fuel industries, yet another renegade regional administrator has been shown in full alliance with environmental extremists in pursuit of regulations to kill oil and coal. Natural gas isn’t far down the hit list.

This time it’s Region 5 Administrator Susan Hedman, a veteran attorney who has litigated environmental cases as part of the University of Maryland Environmental Law Center, as counsel for the Environmental Law and Policy Center, and as senior assistant attorney general in the Illinois Attorney General’s office. Last August she joined dozens of activists outside her Chicago office to celebrate the expected implementation of EPA’s Mercury Air Toxics Standard, which was released in December. Bloomberg reported that the rule would cost utilities an estimated $9.6 billion per year in compliance costs, fulfilling the president’s campaign promise to make electricity costs “necessarily skyrocket.”

“We really appreciate your enthusiastic support for this rule,” Hedman gushed before a crowd of 90-or-so eco-activists. “It’s quite literally a breath of fresh air compared with what’s going on in the nation’s capital these days,” she added, referring to a “tough political climate” for EPA.

Read more at the National Legal And Policy Center. By Paul Chesser.


  1. ConservaDave says:

    "Reign of Terror" is a totally accurate and appropriate description of what Lisa Jackson and her EPA minions are trying to impose on freedom loving and responsible American citizens. What will be left if they are allowed to proceed to their evil end? The video on the link here sickens me to see the stupidity of the idealistic but easily manipulated young people and the parade of liars, deceivers and socialists spouting their propaganda.

  2. Here we go again…. It doesn't matter what the ramifications are to the economy or the continuation of life in general as long as the loudmouth greenies get their way. Doesn't matter that they are dismanteling our economy in the process as lonhg as they get their way and feed their narcissistic desires.

  3. donjusko says:

    It is really dumb to have not initiated Tesla's free energy for cars, boats and homes and businesses while making oil and coal electricity more expensive by having a puny amounts of pollution removed. All the while aerial spraying poisons like aluminium, barium and leads in the air with chemtrails. Don't forget the nano sized organisms causing Magellan fiber growth inside humans that's included in the spray.

    HAARP has made huge advancements using Tesla's proven theories of storing electricity in the Shuman Cavity just below the ionosphere. They can create and move stormes just by heating the air. The problem is we are a war driven nation, 25% of our GNP is spent on the military. I like Paul's political issue of not policing the world and stopping the unconstitutional wars. Bring the troops home and protect our borders. I don't know much about how they cause low sonic waves to start earthquakes but I believe HARRP's doing it. It's easy to destroy things, when are we going to improve things?

    Along with Tesla's free energy there is Cold Fission, we have a running car (jeep) getting 100 miles per gallon of water. http://kincaids.ca/frenergy/
    We have sewage waste being turned into a natural burnable gas in Uganda Africa with a construction video to make your own backyard biogas plant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embed

  4. Higgy68 says:

    In as much as the head of the EPA is not an elected position and was appointed by one with questionable authority at best and is no where even mentioned the U.S. Constitution what right do they have to make rules or give any direction. It is time someone with appropriate authority bring Jackson and the entire EPA organization to task preferably in front of a grand jury.

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