Bye, Bye EPA Bureaucrat Al Armendariz — We Won’t Miss You

Al Armendariz, the EPA bureaucrat who relished in the chance to “crucify” energy producers has resigned – effective today.

Armendariz apologized for his comments and claimed that they “do not in any way reflect my work as regional administrator. As importantly, they do not represent the work you [Lisa Jackson] have over seen as EPA Administrator.”

Armendariz is lying, of course. The EPA, under Jackson, is fully intent on crucifying energy producers and shutting down all fossil fuel resources – especially coal.

Al should find work with PowerShift, Greenpeace, or one of Al Gore’s front groups so he can continue aggressively working to destroy the energy industry in America. His departure is small comfort. There are thousands more like him inside the EPA – all working to destroy the American economy.

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) commented on Al’s resignation:

“After his revelation that EPA’s ‘general philosophy’ is to ‘crucify’ oil and gas companies, it was only right for Administrator Armendariz to resign today – but his resignation in no way solves the problem of President Obama and his EPA’s crucifixion philosophy,” Senator Inhofe said.  “In his letter to Administrator Jackson, Armendariz again pointed to his ‘poor choice of words’ as the reason for his resignation – but Armendariz was just being honest: his choice of words revealed the truth about the war that EPA has been waging on American energy producers under President Obama. 

“We will continue our investigation into the situations surrounding EPA’s apparent crucifixion victims: the American people deserve to know why, in at least three separate cases, EPA tarnished the reputation of companies by accusing them of water contamination; then when the results of their study did not turn out the way they hoped, and they had no definitive evidence to make that link, they quietly walked back their accusations.  We will get to the bottom of this – and we will continue looking into EPA’s actions on hydraulic fracturing beyond these three cases as well.

Read more on this at Fox News and on Sen. Inhofe’s web site.


  1. whitetop says:

    He should have been FIRED, not allowed to resign. This way he walks away without any marks against his employment and remains eligible for his government retirement. He needs the black mark he has earned.

  2. He certainly was NOT fired, as he should have been. Re-assigned means exactly that, new job, more pay !!! The EPA and a lot of "OUR" government is out of control. Who do they work for ??? It is suppose to us, the people…………..

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