EPA Has New Environmental Justice Blog

The Environmental Protection Agency has recently launched a new Environmental Justice blog, run by Mustafa Ali.

Ali decribes himself as a “national speaker, trainer and facilitator on social justice issues for the past 20 years and focused on the issue of environmental justice for the past 19 years.”

Another online biographical sketch of him noted that he served as a Brookings Institute Congressional Fellow in the office of Rep. John Conyers between from 2007-2008. He’s also a former instructor at West Virginia University and Stanford University in Washington.

Ali been the co-host of the radio program, “Spirit in Action” on Pacifica’s WPFW 89.3 in Washington, DC. Each show is centered on empowering residents with the knowledge and resources to proactively strengthen the development and direction of their communities. He is also Vice Chairman of the Board for Reaching Out to Others Together (ROOT) Inc., a nonprofit organization committed to advocacy, awareness, and education to reduce incidents of youth violence and gun violence.


According to Ali:

Nothing brings about change faster than when local communities get involved and organize to improve the conditions in their cities, towns, and neighborhoods.  Over the years, I have travelled to communities across the country, where the impacts of pollution and public health problems are all too real. On each of these visits, I have been struck by what a difference it makes when residents are involved in the environmental decision-making and have a voice in designing a vision for the future in the places they call home.

Community engagement is a key tenant of environmental justice and why it is so important that we have a place to share our stories, or successes, and our expertise.  It is our hope that this blog will support the online community of advocates working for environmental justice and create a space where we can highlight the positive activities happening in communities to reduce environmental and health disparities.  

Read more about this blog.


  1. Scott Moore says:

    Their theory is great and would work for any group or topic, yet the people must be convined in their reality……
    When will these people begin to work on the true pollution; the pollution that comes from their soul.

  2. Mustafa Ali is just another "community organizer," AKA rabble rouser, like Obama.

  3. The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.

  4. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    And, HE is just another idiot, just like all the other EPA, global warming, people. They can NOT prove it, & I've read I don't how many articles from people who used to believe in it, who no longer do, plus how many emails & reports have been leaked telling about falsifying the data. And, I wouldn't believe anything a Muslim said, unless they had truly converted to Christianity, & denounced Islam. We need laws passed that stop Muslims from holding government offices unless they totally renounce the jihadist way of life, & the Sharia laws. There's no such thing as a good Muslim American.

    • It amazes me how ignorant some people can be assuming someones religious beliefs based on a name. If you actually do research you will discover that he was born in Sao Paulo Brazil. Just like the person who decided to create this website in an attack against him did a LITTLE research and found one of his many biographical sketches you should educate yourself to do the same thing before judging. So all the articles that you have read type his name in and actual read about the person you passed judgement on and educate yourself. Not all Muslims live a Jihadist way of life, and regardless of what his religious beliefs were in which you're presumptuously WRONG it says nothing about who he is as a person or a leader. Stop being a bigot and educate yourself or perish-your choice Sharon.

  5. The United States constitution exhorts only ONE form of justice , that is " EQUAL " justice . There is no mention or implication of " social " justice , " environmental " justice , " shariah " justice , and specifically NO " international " justice .

  6. Wow? IDIOT? Thats a strong insult Mrs. Jeanguenat. Can you prove that global warming is NOT true?
    What we NEED is a law passed stopping ignorant overweight people from commenting about Muslims.

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