Greenpeace Goes After Apple Over ‘Dirty Coal’

The radical environmentalist group Greenpeace is now attacking Apple for its alleged use of “dirty coal” for its cloud data facilities.

According to a report issued by Greenpeace yesterday, Apple is a terrible environmental offender because an estimated 55.1% of its cloud energy comes from coal.

Skeptics are critical of Greenpeace’s report and its methodology.

One of Greenpeace’s targets is the Apple data center in North Carolina, which includes solar panels and a fuel cell system. Sixty percent of its power will come from “renewable resources” but that apparently isn’t enough for Greenpeace.

Greenpeace is also targeting HP, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon and Google.

The goals of this leftist, anti-capitalist, anti-war, anti-energy group is detailed at 



  1. jeromeennis says:

    Green Peace is an Eco-Terrorist organization and should be prosecuted for their terrorist actions instead of being lauded as a Peaceful organization, when they have, in fact, sabotaged businesses and hijacked legitimate commercial ships, and who knows what else they have done clandestinely. The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico for example sounds like a Green Peace Operation, but our present government would never report it this way.

    • tassiclipper2 says:

      Te present administration is in power because of green peace and other organisations like them, they could not operate with out the blessing of our present dictator. Cheer up things will only become more onerius as time goes by.

  2. The BP disaster was no accident, but I am not sure Greenpeace could sabotage the rig. We will never know the truth. Never forget that the environmental left is a front for the communist party. There is a reason they do not act like this in Russia or China.

    • Skyknight says:

      Mark, you are one of the few that actually sees the invironmental movement for what it is, a FRONT FOR COMMUNISIM. George Soros has been funding this group and several others for years.

    • Mark…I totally agree. I always felt the BP incident was NO accident…too convenient for the Obummer aganda. What a load of BS!!! Our natural resources are being destroyed by YOU KNOW WHO!! This has got to STOP!!

  3. saddlebroke74 says:

    Jerome it is a shame that we are the only ones that read this article or cared enough to comment. You are
    exactly right that these loons are terrorist but they will never be prosecuted particularly with Obama and Holder
    in office. They have commited some horrendous crimes against society and will only get bolder since their
    supreme leader is in the White House..

  4. Scott Moore says:

    The green police are just looking for funding. They appear, sincere, but they are misguided and are working strictly from an emotional point of view that expects, but does not give tolerence.
    Apple and the other giants of communication should just remain silent and hire the best green team thay can find, that are both nuetral and have nothing to gain politically, and then turn these terrorists thoughts around with the truth that what they are doing is safe. Make them prove their case, while at the same forcing them to defend their junk science

  5. Docfreeman says:

    It appears as if Greenpeace would prefer we go back to the horse and buggy days, when there were no autos, trains, planes, TV, radio, IPods, cameras, etc. It is truly a shame that we can’t find an island that they could live on and enjoy their clean air while digging up a garden with a pick and shovel, no running water, no indoor plumbing, no animals, just all the vegetables they can grows. Perhaps then they would be happy or maybe not, we would never know, since they would have no way of communicating with the outside world.

  6. with Rick Wiles.

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