Fox News: EPA New Rules Will Destroy Coal Industry


  1. Mutantone says:

    First it was letting them drill for oil off our shores and giving away American dollars so Soros oil could sell the China and now
    they are stop our own use of coal but guess who Obama is letting in on one hell of a deal:

  2. Virgil Bankes says:

    It will not matter if hussein destroy the coal co. "BECAUSE THE BASTER IS DESTROYING THE USA" that what he sayed he was going to do! He said we had it to good and now he want us to support the poor country.

  3. Pineapple says:

    If you read "Climategate" by Sussman, you will see that Al Gore and Obama are poised to enrich themselves from trading at the Chicago Climate Exchange, which Obama helped to set up. Businesses will have to buy carbon credits to compensate for their carbon dioxide emissions. Businesses that can not afford to buy these credits will be forced out of business or move to another country, taking their jobs with them.

    Global warming is not man made, but is caused by the sun. (See "Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years" by Linde.)

    Senator Obama said that under his cap and trade plan, electricity rates would "necessarily skyrocket", and that coal companies would go bankrupt.

    Coal exports from the U.S. to China are a record highs. China has few, if any, emission controls, so the emissions will enter the jet stream and be distributed through the world, including the U.S. Also, the mercury emissions from the U.S. produced coal will enter Asian oceans from which 84% of the seafood consumed in the U.S. comes.

    Obama and his environmental zealot support base are no only destroying the U.S. economy, but are endangering our health.

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