EPA Usurping Privately Owned Land For Agenda 21 Buffer Zones

Agenda 21 is a U.N. project designed to use “sustainable development” to destroy national sovereignty.

According to Susanne Posel with Occupy Corporatism, the EPA is adding regulations to force farmers to shut down. And, she’s implementing buffer zones around waterways to supposedly protect them from pesticides. In short, she’s seizing farm land all over the U.S.

Posel writes:

Buffer zones are areas that Agenda 21 has designated as not inhabitable for humans. This is detailed under the Wildlands Project. These lands would be reserved as wilderness, with connecting corridors. The Wildlands Project seeks to determine the majority of America as core reserves or buffer zones.

In one example, NOAA in partnership with the EPA wants to establish 500 ft buffer zones along all the waterways in the state of Washington. They claim that this will save the water from exposure to pesticides used by farmers in the surrounding areas. The Department of Agriculture in the state of Washington has tested these waterways. They have shown they are not contaminated with pesticides, herbicide or fungicide. However, since these tests were not conducted by NOAA or the EPA, those findings are being ignored and the attempt to usurp farming land goes on. The farmers would be restricted to not using these areas of their own land to farm. The EPA would essentially restrict 61% of the usable farming land and severely limiting food production by these small farms.

To implement the Agenda 21 objectives, Judge John Cooner in Seattle was employed to give consent to the EPA allowing the usurping of privately owned farming lands. The misconception that federal laws are governing this and many other incidents like it is a mythology of social ignorance.

Agenda 21 objectives are clear. Reduce the population of America by 2/3rds and designate the rest to mega-cities within eleven mega-regions. The rest of the land in the US will be under the control of the Wildlands Project for use in conjunction with Biological Diversity.  This is meant to restrict Americans movement throughout the country and control the amount of food production by reassessing farm lands to projects that “save the environment”. This is why the farmers across America are feeling threatened by US government agencies.

Read the rest of the story at Occupy Corporatism.

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