EPA Official Challenged On Wyoming Fracking Report

The EPA will overregulate hydraulic fracking — and destroy jobs and a reliable source of energy.

Earlier this week, Jim Martin, who heads an EPA regional office that oversees Wyoming testified before the House Science Committee on the EPA’s flawed Wyoming fracking report.

Martin claimed that the report is accurate, but critics say the EPA failed to follow analysis protocols – thus compromising the data collected.

Thomas Doll, the oil and gas supervisor for the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission blasted the report in his testimony on February 1.

According to Doll:

The Pavillion Draft Report was issued with incomplete data and technically inadequate conclusions.

Based on a limited sampling and an inconclusive data set from Pavillion Wyoming ground water, EPA’s conclusion is now national and international fodder for the hydraulic fracturing debate. Now the quality of the hydraulic fracturing debate suffers and the EPA’s science itself is questioned.

Doll’s complete testimony is available on the House Science Committee site.





  1. Harold Clark says:

    Under Obama. The EPA has become the , ' Enemies Political Association.' This like the KGB of Russia, The Gestopo of Nazi Germany. Anyhting to kill America and free enterpize.

  2. Leonard W. says:

    I am sorry but nothing more needs to be said about this illegal administration. It is time for action, that is getting rid of this cancer that has snaked it's way into our country. It did not just start, it has been growing for many years now under what use to be the American Democrat party. The Democrats has allowed these commie low life to nearly destroy our country. The fools that benefit from what these folk are doing will vote for them as long as they give them our tax money while many sat on their legs and do nothing for it. It may be too late, people are waking up but so many low life small groups have gotten control over our lives. It amazes me we have to have a vote on which language should be our official language. There should be no question about it. These people came here we did not drag them in. I for one is feed up and want these crooks, illegals, gays, unions, baby killers, aclu, out of our government and our of our lives.

  3. Doing king zero's bidding, typical brown shirt thug's !!!

  4. FIRST YOU TELL A LIE AND THAN HAVE EVERYONE REPEAT IT until it becomes what a judge calls a public consensus

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