Obama’s Stupid Moves Kill Jobs

Hawker Beechcraft

Over the years, it has been my privilege to own a few airplanes. Under the right circumstances, they are tremendous business tools.

All but one of those aircraft were proudly manufactured in Wichita, Kansas by Americans who were skilled machinists, and held the high level skills you need to manufacture precision equipment which flies. Wichita is kind of a heartland aviation manufacturing Mecca. And, as you might imagine, times there are not particularly good.

Several of those aircraft were manufactured by Beechcraft, or as it is currently known, Hawker Beechcraft. They are the Lincolns and Cadillacs of small airplanes. They are the finest airplanes I have ever owned and you would be hard pressed to find anyone who owns or has owned a Beechcraft product who would disagree.

Except Barack Obama.

He’s more worried about sending our hard earned tax dollars to Brazil because, as he would put it, we need to recognize that we are in a global economy even at the expense of American manufacturing jobs.

Last week, despite the fact that our Air Force and its allies already own about 750 Beech AT-6 trainers, Obama’s henchmen in the Departments of Defense and Commerce sent hundreds of millions of tax dollars to Brazil’s Embraer to buy the Brazilian company’s light attack aircraft for our “friends” in Afghanistan.

Privately, our friends in the Department of Defense will tell you it was all politics.

Publicly, their spokespeople say that the contest “was conducted in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations” and that the evaluation of the aircraft “was fair, open and transparent.”

For the record, the highly skilled air forces which fly the Embraer aircraft are Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Colombia.

Now there’s a recommendation for you.

The Dominican Republic’s flyboys like it so we should spend a billion dollars with our “friends” in Brazil to buy them for our “friends” in Afghanistan.

Only Barack Obama could allow that logic to prevail. And as for our highly skilled manufacturers and their employees in Wichita? Screw them.

Between this and the Obama administration saying no to the Keystone XL pipeline which directly affects the same area of the nation, the term “stunningly stupid” from Newt Gingrich is very descriptive.

This is a President who is far worse than Jimmy Carter was in 1980.

Carter was merely a deer in the headlights.

Obama is an unindicted co-conspirator with the forces who would like to tear our economy to shreds because they see the free market economy as a threat to government authority.

And the result?

Best put, again, by Gingrich.

Obama is the “food-stamp President.” Because he truly has put more Americans on food stamps than any other President in history.

While Mitt Romney certainly does have plenty of private sector experience, the difference between what he could do to Barack Obama on the national stage and what Gingrich—albeit with all his baggage—can do is stark.

Gingrich is capable of jamming stunningly stupid actions such as those I’ve described above down the President’s throat in a manner which leaves no doubt in the minds of the American public as to how the issue will be framed.

Romney is a good guy but has a bad habit of allowing his opponents to frame the issues.

Yes, they both have baggage, but in a well thought out campaign, not nearly the mountain of baggage that Obama has been piling up since January 20, 2009.



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