EPA Announces $5 Million Green Energy Grant To Rail Industry & Attacks Trucking


GE is one of Obama's favorite "green" companies.

A recent EPA news release touted its green energy grant of $5 million to “clean air projects” in the San Joaquin Valley, California.

The release states:

U.S. EPA Regional Administrator Jared Blumenfeld today announced $5 million in funding that will pay for cleaner locomotives throughout the San Joaquin Valley, including a state-of-the art locomotive operating between the Port of Stockton and Lodi. EPA and its partners in the valley, the California Air Resources Board and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District made the announcement at the Central California Traction Rail Company in Stockton, CA.

In addition, approximately $16 million in grants was announced to slash diesel emissions, advance air quality and improve public health throughout the state of California. The San Joaquin Valley, one of the most productive agricultural areas in the country, also has some of the nation’s worst air quality and highest rates of asthma. Federal, local and state partners are working to alleviate these problems by channeling significant funds into new clear air technologies.

“EPA’s goal is to reduce the public health impact of diesel emissions from the trucks and trains moving goods through the San Joaquin Valley,” said Jared Blumenfeld, EPA’s Regional Administrator for the Pacific Southwest. “This funding will reduce particulate matter emissions by 210 tons statewide for the lifetime of these projects—the equivalent of removing 1,000 heavy-duty trucks off the road.

This grant apparently is designed to accomplish two things: Provide subsidies to the makers of “green locomotives” and to damage the trucking industry.

Who makes “green locomotives”? Well, General Electric, for one. And, who is Obama’s Jobs Council Chairman? GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, who is busy moving large portions of the GE operation (and jobs) to China – including the CFL light bulb industry forced upon us by Congress.


  1. healthnut says:

    The trucking companies are not the polluters in CA…The toxic air is caused by an overabundance of arrogant politicians that are rotten to the core…AND…an overabundance of Hollyweirds freeks…they spread their toxins just by the mere facts that they actually breathe and exhale their filth to the extreme…They complain heavily about everything and they want "Greens" "Eco-Friendly" projects only…yet they live in 10-20,000sf houses…using exhorbitant amount of electricity, gas, etc., and ride their Butts in big fancy limousines…in Big Bad private Jets…Lisa Jackson needs to have her f-head examined…to have her legs cut off to the knees…Of course…Old Buffett Billionaire will make it like the bandit he is and transport all that loot…AND again Californicate will reap the kickbacks…for more rules and regulations…Real dumb jackasses…Go…Ca…vote the RATS in…you can't lose…

  2. Bravo healthnut…you hit the nail on the head! But you know, CA continues to vote those crazy people in (Pelosi), so I guess they deserve what they get. I wonder if they'll ever wake up???

    • Don't forget moonbeam wanting high speed trains!! Voters that put this guy in office are getting what they deserve high taxes and lousy schools run by the unions, what suckers they are.

  3. Erik Osbun says:

    EPA: you cannot give away taxpayer money like that and not face the consequences. Remove the Obama EPA!

  4. If GE is involved with this project, it is because they benefit economically, not because it is "green". This rail project will probably not survive without continued subsidies. The $5 Million is just a small down payment.
    How about if the EPA etc give the Central Valley back its water access instead of favoring the snail darter or whatever endangered critter it is.
    Let's see, they've killed the timber industry, commercial fishing, agriculture etc., and this rail project is supposed to make up for it?

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  6. OUR tax dollars and the Chinese are involved…so much for jobs for America! But we don't NEED high speed rail…who's gonna ride the dam thing! This EPA is OUT of control…GOT TO GO OBUMMER!!

  7. There's so much money being thrown around here! Can you tell me more about how they are moving towards the cleaner air technologies? There needs to be practical, affordable ways to change how our fossil fuels effect our environment.
    Celine | http://www.hmbd.com/railroad-insurance.html

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