EPA Farm Manure Regulations: A Big Fat Cow Pie


The latest EPA environmental threat: cow pies.

The EPA has stepped into a steaming cow pie recently as it pushes for additional farm manure reporting requirements.

Farm groups in New York and nationwide are outraged by this latest over-reach of the EPA.

The EPA has decided that dairy farms with more than 700 cows is considered a large “concentrated animal-feeding operation (CAFO) and one with as few as 200 cows is a medium CAFO. Both types of farms are considered environmental threats because of manure supposedly polluting water supplies.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association environmental lawyer Ashley Lyon has bluntly stated: “The EPA should pull this rule. The agency needs to redirect its focus on working with states and other partners to attain already publicly available information that would allow them to work towards their goal of improved water quality.”

The EPA is deciding if it will require all CAFOs to report basic operating information to the agency or farms in certain at-risk watersheds will be required to do so. Farmers don’t want to deal with added reporting requirements in order to run their businesses.

The National Farmers Union thinks the added regulations and reporting requirements are unnecessary. “The EPA does not need to collect any more information from CAFOs in order to monitor water quality,” union President Roger Johnson said in a news release. “By utilizing existing data collected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and relevant state agencies, the EPA can adequately access necessary information regarding CAFOs and water quality.”

Read more at the Watertown Daily Times.


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