Shocked That Obama Rejected Keystone XL Pipeline?


We're about as shocked as Claude Rains was in discovering gambling at Rick's cafe.

We’re about as shocked at Obama’s anti-energy decision as Claude Rains was in feigning surprise that Rick’s cafe in “Casablanca” permitted gambling on the premises. Remember the scene: Captain Renault exclaims “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” – and then collects his winnings from gambling.

The rejection of jobs and an energy source from an ally was expected from a president who is determined to shut down all sources of energy in North America.

After all, he has to cater to his radical environmentalist base. He needs their support for the upcoming presidential election. He would prefer that America remain dependent on Islamic oil or oil from southern hemisphere dictators.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) President Jack Gerard reacted to his decision:

Well, it’s very unfortunate to the American people that this decision was made today. The president has abdicated his leadership role in trying to create jobs in this country. The president has repeatedly said he’s for job creation and today he rejected the largest shovel-ready project in the United States today. He can’t be serious about job creation if he takes the largest project that would create jobs and put it on the back burner and say, well, we’re not going to do this today. We’re very disappointed by this decision and I believe it will have political consequence.

Donald Trump was clearly disgusted by Obama’s rejection of the shovel-ready jobs project, but he pointed out that if America had a sound energy policy, we wouldn’t even need Canadian oil. We have enough of our own.

Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto notes:

Congress’s aim was to force Obama either to approve the pipeline or take the blame for rejecting it. He has managed to do neither, and the Hill reported yesterday that Republican lawmakers, anticipating a rejection or a punt, have been exploring options to force approval of the pipeline. But such a measure would be “highly unlikely to clear the Senate.” Thus it appears the president has escaped the trap the Republicans laid for him.

The left, of course, is giddy over Obama’s clever rejection of the pipeline project. The Huffington Post gloated:

President Barack Obama’s decision Wednesday to deny a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline gave environmental advocates the rarest of sensations: the feeling of victory.

After being left dejected when the administration scrapped smog regulations, dusted off nuclear power, and allowed expanded drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, Wednesday’s Keystone decision allowed green groups to exult.

“I think this is the high water mark of the president’s relationship with the environmental community,” environmentalist Bill McKibben, a leader against the pipeline, said Wednesday evening. “The knock on the guy was that he was too conciliatory, and in this case, he stood down a bold political threat.”

Obama, in affirming his State Department’s recommendation to reject the pipeline, emphasized his decision does not preclude applications for similar projects. Cynics speculate the president will approve a minimally altered version of the pipeline after November’s election. For now, though, McKibben said environmentalists are feeling optimistic.

In short, American energy independence and job creation have, once again, been rejected by Obama in order to shore up radical environmentalist support for his upcoming election. The President of the United States consistently proves that he puts America last when it comes to energy, national security, and economic recovery. He prefers to keep his extremist tree-hugging buddies happy – regardless of the suffering he is bringing on the rest of us. We’re not surprised.


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