Canadian Commentator Takes On Climategate & Global Warmists

Rex Murphy is a commentator for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). He’s looked at the Climategate emails and doesn’t like what he sees. He explains why in this informative video.


  1. You tell em Rex. Science and politics should absolutely be separate and distinct. You must understand that what drives the powers behind the scenes is absolute power. What drives the so-called scientists and environmental activists is an ideology that is akin to a religion.
    People like Gore have made multi-millions of dollars from this fraudulent "science".

  2. There's something rotten in the state of "climate science!"

  3. Edward Shick says:

    I have came to the conclusion that We are our biggest enemy by supporting the ,UN, EPA ,dept of Energy, The Fed + the currant Washington DC congress ,supreme Court No other nation could be as destructive as these over educated MORONS

  4. Very good ! You said it all . Any dispute on that folks ?… Nope , I didn't think so !

  5. Kevin Beck says:

    The new name for the UN IPCC is Unified Nuckleheads for Implementing Plan of Climatic Controversy. Their membership in America seems to consist entirely of people who think Richard Nixon was right about the Watergate break-in.

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