Mayflies And Burying Beetles Threaten Our Economy

The Mayfly: Dead in three hours.

If your head hasn’t exploded yet from reading our postings of the daily outrages of the EPA and the wacko environmentalists, this may do it.

The EPA has brought surface mining to a halt in Appalachia, allegedly to protect the Mayfly. In surface mining, the miners put the rock and dirt in the surrounding areas or valleys. When water flows through these areas, it can become saltier. The salt may be harmful to Mayflies. It is not harmful to humans.

What’s a Mayfly? It’s a tiny insect that lives in a larvae stage in water for as long as three years. As an adult, it has no usable mouth and usually lives no longer than three hours. The females reproduce during that brief time and then die. In short, these are essentially worthless insects.

To the EPA and the environmentalists, however, the existence of the Mayfly is excuse enough to shut down coal mining in one area of our nation. Lisa Jackson and Obama are willing to sacrifice an abundant source of energy to protect a bug that lives only three hours to lay more eggs.

Ah, but there’s more.  

The American Burying Beetle threatens oil pipeline.

In Nebraska, environmentalists are busy protecting the American burying beetle from the evils of the Keystone XL pipeline. The burying beetle (Nicorphorus americanus) in Nebraska makes its home in the Sand Hills – a route contemplated by the TransCanada corporation for the pipeline.

Because of the beetle, the TransCanada corp. is overhauling its plans so it can avoid the beetle habitat. The company had originally agreed to pledge $2 million to encourage ranching practices that protected the beetles or to purchase land that would be managed for the beetles.

Wyatt Hoback, a University of Nebraska biology professor was actually hired by TransCanada to work with his students to trap and move 2,400 beetles from the original pipeline path, which cut across 100 miles of the Sand Hills.

Hoback’s relocation project for burying beetles was covered on “Dirty Jobs” on the Discovery Channel.

Imagine this: Three environmental groups actually filed a federal lawsuit challenging the relocation program for these endangered beetles! Apparently, it’s not even permissible to move a bug from where they live to a safe location where they won’t be crushed by bulldozers.

The burying beetle’s Sand Hills home is safe from the evil pipeline.

Once TransCanada locates another route through Nebraska, rest assured that some bug-loving lunatic will find yet another bug, mouse, tic, plant or endangered rock formation to protect from the wicked energy producers.

And, you can expect that the EPA will jump on whatever excuse it can find to stop energy production in the U.S. It is clear that Lisa Jackson and her radical allies love bugs more than humans.







  2. Not surprised, unbelieveable, whats next, the common house fly, the mosquito, and the bed bug.

    • What is next is anything the Green People of Al Gore, George Soros, the U.N and Obama can create to ensure their investments in green technology are the only choices for America's energy requirements. If the federal debt does not send us into ruin and third world status the bovine scatilla from the EPA surely will. Is no one objecting loudly and frequently to Congress other than myself? Speak up or watch your wealth and security go down the drain with your Nation.


  4. DianaLynn says:

    Faith and truth will get us through these next few months–then we clean House!!!!, and Senate, and the Offal Office !!!!And then we de-fund The Dept. of Energy, Education, and NPR, and the EPA…..and that was the last time I use caps for any of them!!!!!
    Faith and Truth and God.

  5. JOHN KEEGAN says:

    It's ok to kill babys but not bugs.

  6. Good point John. Bugs are more sacred than our children. EPA has lost its mind.

  7. mrsgunnut10 says:

    How come we can't label these EPA fruitcakes, Two Legged Dollar Eaters. Dig a deep hole and bury them all. Just think. if we did this the bugs and whatever would have enough garbage to last for their liftime. It would also save he rest of us taxpayers BILLIONS to be used where it is really needed. Just a thought, but like DiannaLynn says above, after the 2012 Elections we can clean and "debug the Whitehouse' in one fell swoop. Thank you for your time. TSgt. USAF Retired.

  8. These nasty little bastards got on the side of my sailboat every year, very hard to clean. THIS EPA AND BAMA GOVERNMENT IS OUT OF CONTROL. WE ALL NEED TO TELL THE EPA TO GO TO HELL!!!


  10. These idiots cannot be serious. They must live in some kind of parallel universe. I used to live on a lake where the mayflies congregated. It's a lake with a nuclear power generators. Mayflies don't have calendars, but they're smarter than the whole damn bunch of nut cases at the epa. Mayflies used to show up in late July or early August. The flies told me they did this just to mess with the morons at the epa !..All a mayfly is good for is fish food. The mayflies would gather in a tree I had hanging over the water and I would shake the reee and they'd fall in the water and it was gourmet time for the fish. So we know that mayflies can thrive around nuclear activity but not salt.. Uh huh !

  11. What we humans with a brain need to do is take over the epa and force them to hook up with another conglomerate of nuts…peta..they would be known as petaepa. They could go on nature hunts looking for BIGFOOT (hint: she's in the white house) or maybe one eyed one horned flying purple people eaters (OJUDAS has purple lips, that's close enough). Both petas and the epas are about as usefull as tits on a boar hog. They BOTH need elimination and annilation. Let the carnage begin ! I was involved in a conversation not so long ago about whether the sexual position of parents at conception would cause adverse effects concerning the level of stupidity of the offspring. Do you suppose that Linda Jackon's MOTHER would mind if we ask her a couple of questions ? That may be a way to clear up the discussion I was in !!!!!

  12. Don Rushing says:

    The EPA, Energy Dept, and NPR needs to be abolished. Dept of Education needs to be taken out of business and all the
    money needs to be sent back to the states to fund their own education systems with the federal government to stay away. In
    Nov of 2012 we need to clean house in the house, senate and the white house by voting out all the trash that lives there. Make the environmentalist wackos persona non grati in this country. We need to open up all areas where possible in order to
    unleash our economic powerhouse that has been shackled for the past 50 years and watch our country prosper like a saturn
    iv lifting off on a mission to the skies and beyond.

  13. Obummer is willing to sacrifice you human being for a bnch of worthless bugs. They are doing this to help the muslins and keep us energy poor, for the easy taking. It's time we stood up like men and took our country back while there is still one,

    • No! However he is willing to sacrifice you to advance his socialist manifesto and make a trillion dollars off of you through his green energy investments.

  14. Their goal is indeed the death of the American economy so that Obamass can come to our rescue with his progressive socialist and yes , green policies .

  15. The EPA has to be shut down and its employees inprisoned for abuse of power. Our Corrupt 535 Millionaires seem to
    be going along with the damage being done by the EPA. It is time for a new Government! All Senators and congressmen
    out! Only Patriots in these positions, not Traitors!!

  16. spotted owl says:

    U S Fish and Wildlife just turned down a petition submitted by Friends of the Clearwater and Xerxes Invertebrat Society to have the Straight Snowfly and the Idaho Snowfly added to the endangerd species list. They will sure try another agency to get this done. It isn't about saving species, but about closing immense areas of "habitat" off from human use. Besides that , if our Idaho Snowflies aren't "straight" , they are probably soomed anyhow.

    • Doris Fitch says:

      That's for sure!. give the land back to fish, fowl & animals per the demand of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21. The document says our fossil fuels are unsustainable also just the other day they called for an end to mining for uranium in AZ & that's what is needed for nuclear power plants. Everyone needs to do a research on Agenda 21 because both republican (older Bush ) * democrat (Clinton) pushed for the agenda.

  17. spotted owl says:

    Sorry, the word was doomed!

  18. We should suit these imbiciles for exhaling carbon dioxide and polluting our air. Think the EPA will make them hold their breath???
    One could only hope.

  19. The EPA must shall be shut down, de funded they are nothing but a bureaucratic injustice to good safe sane environmental practices. The EPA is an extension to the socialist Wako leftist environmentalism freaks bent on destroying our nation for their progressive socialist communist agenda to a global controlled domain.

  20. The EPA must, shall be shut down, de funded they are nothing but a bureaucratic injustice to good safe sane environmental practices. The EPA is an extension to the socialist Wako leftist environmentalism freaks bent on destroying our nation for their progressive socialist communist agenda to a global controlled domain.

  21. I would LOVE to take all these Bug loving wack job's down to Matagorda Texas this summer and let the Skeeters eat them!

  22. from Frank York's article:
    "our postings of the daily outrages of the EPA and the wacko environmentalists,"

    What's a wacko environmentalist? Give me a couple of examples. I don't think you can, you're polluting the word environmentalist. It means someone that is looking out for the environment. Like the people that recycle or are against mountaintop mining. Some of them are even against burning petroleum. You and the EPA are picking on them because they have no unified voice. I say they will be heard sooner than you think.

  23. The perfect idea. Gather up all the radicals, put them inside a wall they cannot escape from, give them all the weapons they could possibly use, guns, knives, poison, etc. and see how long it takes for them to kill each other off. Let see, bird people against the fish people, the bug people against all the people, the animal people against the plant people, the gangs and drug cartels against each other, boy what a blood bath, what a mess, but certainly would solve the bulk of the problems for normal folk.

  24. billstanley1 says:

    The EPA and environmentalists have very little interest in these insects … they are a means to stop coal and oil production.

  25. Giving the government the power we have given it produces this nonsense. A movement to limit government power especially its ability to confiscate earnings is absolutely necessary to reign in the excesses that government practices. As long as legalized stealing is condoned the rest is just expected consequence.

  26. John Kinslow says:

    seems to me that wheather you be democrate, republican, or independent before you can be appointed to any governmental office a test needs to be given to find out if you are mental enough to hold office and the first thing that you need to be tested on is if you have common since.

  27. I wonder if you OBOZO supporters will ever see what your president has planned to do to this country. Him and his Administration is breaking this Country down so that we can be defeated by Muslim and or Communist operated Countries.
    We are so far in debt with China that we will never be free of debt with them, sooner or later China is gonna come calling for a foreclosure on America to regain their money as the banks do to the unemployed that cant pay their mortgages. Once This Country has become weak enough that China can take it over, Then China no longer has to fear attacking Japan, Korea, Taiwan because America will no longer be able to protect these small Countries from the China Super Power. The only thing that holds China at bay of infiltrating and taking over Japan, Korea and Taiwan is the threat that the US will have to get involved and China is and has been for some time now building their military in leaps and bounds and this asshole in the WH is cutting back and weakening our military defense by cutting our military, blocking new technology, shutting down our space program to cut Government spending.

    Yet the Government don't dare cut welfare spending and all the spending on these entitlements that his relatives and other illegals benefit from.

    When OBOZO was demanding that the debt ceiling be raised, he threatened that the soldiers and their families will not get payed, the ones defending this nation and keeping it secure
    OBOZO further threatened the disable and elderly that they wouldn't get their SS checks and medcare/medicaid payments.

    But not one word or threat that the welfare and other entitlement programs will not get their payment. He prays on and threatens to deprive the Soldiers and their families whom most were thousands of miles away and less likely to protest in fear of a dishonorable discharge and threatens to deprive the disabled and the elderly, in turn seeks ways to further award the welfare leeches that bleed this Country dry and the illegals that bleed our social programs dry.

    It baffles me that their are still morons out their that support this moron and talk about his accomplishments. What has he done to create wealth for this Country or generate an income for this Country?

    Every measure him and his Administration takes is either cutting tax revenue to the government by eliminating business and jobs or spending Government revenue to support the illegals and the welfare leeches.

    What will it take for America to wake up and join together and march up to Capitol Hill and remove OBOZO and his Administration out of office?

    A war? an invasion from the East or from the West? Bombs blowing up your family and neighbors homes due to the weakened military which can no longer protect this country and our entire borders leaving big gaping holes open for invasion. Cut backes on our advanced technology to protect us from EMP's that other Countries are diligently working to perfect for the sole purpose to attack the US.

    Is a invasion what it must take for Americans to see the light? American families losing their life due to invasion, losing your jobs because your company has been blown up, starving because the food supplies have been shut off due to invasion.

    Obozo is setting us up for once more another unprecedented feat, our first foreign invasion on American soil in decades. A foreign attack on a harbor some 2600 miles away from mainland is the closest attack on American soil that any has come in Centuries.

    2 main things keeps us free of foreign invasion 1) our swift, efficient and high tech military and 2) the American citizen that is armed.

    Obozo is trying not just to demilitarize this Country but further weaken it by disarming Americans so that the military cannot defend this nation and neither can the citizens.

    Do you suppose OBOZO wants to demilitarize and disarm this nation to assist in a foreign take over or is he preparing to claim dictatorship and trying to disarm American citizens and ensure that the military is small enough with less threat of soldiers going against him and his orders to eliminate any threat of a revolution when he refuses to leave the WH.

    For those of you who cannot fathom these facts in which he has set in motion, learn and look over history of other dictators. Don't be so naive to think that it cannot happen to us. "that will never happen to me" syndrome. I can guarantee is it going to get a lot worse before it gets better, History has taught us that.

    Rather than making smaller sacrifices today by taking time to do a peoples march to Capitol Hill, the majority of you will wait until families members are lost, companies and personal homes are annihilated along with your SUV's and your kids are crying of hunger. Then Americans will ban together and demand change in one voice.

  28. So the Government promotes and encourages the killing of babies but don't dare disturb a bug that lives for 3 hrs. The

    Government spend millions of dollars given to Planned Parenthood to kill off human species.

    Government spends millions of taxpayer dollars in law suits against Catholic churches, academy's and schools if they refuse to go against their religious belief and promote abortion and gay marriages, thus discriminating against Christian religion then further spend millions of dollars in suits if the Muslim faith is discriminated upon.

    Government shuts down multi billion dollar energy providing operations in which the Government losses tax dollars from the business.

    Government further losses tax dollars from the employees payroll taxes

    Government increases the unemployment rate in the Country by thousands

    Government then must spend money to pay out unemployment benefits for those they have unemployed

    Government further damages the economy due to the unemployed they have created cutting back on the consumer products purchased in local business, thus hurting the business sector, Less capital gains for these businesses equals less taxes for States and Federal Government to operate.

    Government forces us to become more reliant on Muslim and Communist Countries to build their economy and military as Government breaks down our economy and military thus making the US weak and defeat-able.

  29. Butt-Hole says:

    Bugs are good for our environment if no one here knew that…. they keep everything in check and functional so that we can go about living our daily, selfish little oblivious lives. Insects have been here longer than people, so we have no right to think we're the superior and can do whatever we want….No species is superior to any other, because we all have our places in life. Maybe if our government would spend money on coming up with self efficient energy and would care about the environment more than convenience and $$$$, we wouldn't have any problems. Its important to care about the environment so that our future generations can live in a beautiful, thriving world rather than a nasty polluted, harmful one just because of our wants at this moment…

  30. coolfactor says:

    Typical human selfishness…. putting our own needs above the environment and nature.


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