Will Mitt Romney Keep Lisa Jackson & Gina McCarthy?

Romney's environmental advisor while governor of Massachusetts is an EPA bureaucrat.

A commentator at the Wall Street Journal points out today that the EPA bureaucrat responsible for crafting the new Utility MACT rule — Gina McCarthy — was a member of Mitt Romney’s cabinet when he served as the governor of Massachusetts.

According to Joseph Drago:

The National Journal calls Ms. McCarthy President Obama’s “green quarterback,” with EPA chief Lisa Jackson cast as the coach. In the Romney administration, Ms. McCarthy was the state’s “Super Secretariat,” the person who oversees land use and development regulations among the various state agencies. The former governor also appointed her to lead a commission charged with creating the state’s first global warming “action plan.”
The Massachusetts Climate Change Protection Plan debuted in spring 2004 and was the basis for the first carbon-dioxide emissions regulations for power plants in the country. Mr. Romney is cited as saying in a Dec. 7, 2005, press release that “These carbon emissions limits will provide real and immediate progress in the battle to improve our environment. They help us achieve our environmental goals while protecting jobs and the economy.”

The press release goes on to call the new rules “the toughest in the country” for overall power plant emissions, though after yesterday that is no longer true. Mr. Romney has said on the campaign trail that he opposes the EPA’s regulatory surge.

Yesterday, the Daily Caller aired a video of Romney on CNBC four years ago discussing his belief that the world is getting warmer.

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