New Book Surveys Radical Environmentalists & Anti-Human Movement


Radical environmentalists are basically anti-human in their worldview.

Robert Zubrin’s new book, Merchants of Despair: Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-Scientists, and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism will be on sale in February 2012.

It was recently reviewed by Publisher’s Weekly. We’re reprinting the brief review below:

In this look at the rise of “antihumanism”—an ideology that argues that humans are a cancer on the earth—scientist Zubrin (Energy Victory) charts the troubling shift from one’s “unalienable rights” and “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” to forced mass sterilization, eugenics, and Nazism. Zubrin finds within Thomas Malthus the foundation for “justifying human oppression and tyranny.” From Malthusianism, he continues to Darwinism—“human compassion toward the unfortunate is not merely useless (as per Malthus) but actually morally wrong”—following the path eventually to eugenics. The book is replete with scientific studies and facts, though it’s Zubrin’s view on the people and history behind antihumanist movements that’s the most disturbing. Whether pointing out that the first Green Party was founded under the leadership of August Haussleiter, a former Nazi SS officer; that Fujimori’s genocide in Peru was funded by international aid; or that Qian Xinzhong was given the first United Nations Population Award (together with Indira Gandhi) after forcing thousands of Chinese women to abort their children, Zubrin paints a dark and disturbing picture of antihumanism that’s worth everyone’s time to read. (Agent: Adam Keiper, the Center for the Study of Technology and Society. (Feb.)

A review on notes:

Merchants of Despair traces the pedigree of this ideology and exposes its pernicious consequences in startling and horrifying detail. The book names the chief prophets and promoters of anti-humanism over the last two centuries, from Thomas Malthus through Paul Ehrlich and Al Gore. It exposes the worst crimes perpetrated by the anti-humanist movement, including eugenics campaigns in the United States and genocidal anti-development and population-control programs around the world.

Combining riveting tales from history with powerful policy arguments, Merchants of Despair provides scientific refutations to all of anti-humanism’s major pseudo-scientific claims, including its modern tirades against nuclear power, pesticides, population growth, biotech foods, resource depletion, and industrial development.

Sounds like a good read and an important work in view of the U.N.’s population control plans, Agenda 21, and the EPA campaign to expand its authority to seize control of nearly every aspect of our lives in the U.S.

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  2. Iron Angel says:

    It's seems odd, the socialist want to spread the wealth but not theirs, they never let go of a dime… If they believed that drivel they would give their riches to the poor. The eco nuts want to reduce the population to 500,000 but not them, just the other people. Funny how things could suddenly backfire on these nuts. The bible says during the tribulation terrible times will come never seen before and will never be seen again…
    Timothy 3:1-5, Paul gives us a rather scary look at the end-times: "But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last
    days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God” having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them." While Paul is speaking here of terrible times, it is obvious that he is concentrating more on the terrible people who will be manifested in these terrible times.

  3. with Rick Wiles

  4. S Rubicon says:

    I really is hard for average people to believe there are others among us with such draconian views of hummanity. Many cannot concieve there are some who advocate euthanasia. Lets face it, a rabid racist founded Planned Parenthood. She spoke openly of searching for a means to eliminate or limit the numbers of those she termed "the undesirables." It is ironic those she classified undesirable were blacks, or people of color. Now, since the 1972 legalization of abortion, well over 50 million have been killed off. What is the irony you say? The answer is, per capita, more blacks have been aborted than any other race. Blacks are killing themselves off, with no encouragement from others. To date, I'd bet nearly 7 generations of blacks have been eviscerated, by blacks. Looks like the racist got her way while pushing the notion she cared & was doing them a 'favor.' Yeah, right!

  5. I think people need to stop arguing for human rights and think about animal rights. Apparently there is a rule that severe animal cruelty is punishable by at least 5 years in jail, but people who burn animals in there habitats to make palm oil, skin foxes to make fur coats, kill animals for fun, and lock them in cages in zoos become millionaires, and the government supports it! I honestly think that humans are the only evil and ignorant species on the earth.

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  7. Joseph Smith says:

    The three groups that want reduced immigration are not, in fact, conservative642-165 vce. They are “single-issue” organizations whose members hold a variety of viewpoints on climate change, population growth , and abortion. “We are an immigration policy group 642-432 vce. We see [immigration growth] as a precursor for rapid population growth, which most people think isn’t good for the country. We are being attacked by both sides,” said FAIR Media Director Ira Mehlman. “As individuals, we are interested in 642-737 vce a lot of different things.”

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  10. Sounds like a good read and an important work in view of the U.N.’s population control plans, Agenda 21, and the EPA campaign to expand its authority to seize control of nearly every aspect of our lives in the U.S.

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  14. I think, this book merits attention and doesn't sound too weird!

  15. Sounds like a good read and an important work in view of the U.N.’s population control plans, Agenda 21, and the EPA campaign to expand its authority to seize control of nearly every aspect of our lives in the U.S.

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  25. Now, since the 1972 legalization of abortion, well over 50 million have been killed off. What is the irony you say? The answer is, per capita, more blacks have been aborted than any other race. Blacks are killing themselves off, senior living

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  28. New Book Surveys Radical Environmentalists & Anti-Human Movement | EPA Abuse

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