Horner on EPA’s Lisa Jackson: Whoa! Which Time Are You Lying?

How many lies does Lisa Jackson tell in this interview?

Chris Horner points out the inconsistencies in Lisa Jackson’s rationale for EPA regulating greenhouse gases.

In last weekend’s interview on EnergyNow.com, EPA chief Lisa Jackson said that the EPA has lots of reasons for enacting rules that would lower greenhouse gas emissions but meeting President Obama’s international climate pledges isn’t one of them, reported Politico.

But the American Tradition Institute’s Horner says in an e-mail:

They had been saying quite the opposite. She unveiled the endangerment finding to provide for a rapturous reception at Hopenchangen.

Pre-Poznan address: Obama said his leadership on the climate issue will begin with cap-and-trade.

Hopenchangen: Obama cited the emission reductions as key but NOT SIMPLY to meet global obligations.

Lisa Jackson, before Copenhagen: “For President Obama and the United States, that global effort starts at home. We have been hard at work on confronting climate change, through a wide range of initiatives – some you may have heard about, and others you may not have…”

“Finally, I’m proud to say that – hours before I stepped on the plane to come here, I announced EPA’s finalized endangerment finding that greenhouse gases pose a threat to our health and welfare.”

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