Oil Pipeline Delay Gives Obama A Fundraising Bonanza

Keystone XL oil pipeline delay is a victory for Obama's radical anti-fossil fuel allies.

A week has passed since President Obama made his shocking announcement delaying the Keystone XL pipeline decision until after the presidential election. The news has been met with cries of victory and sighs of disappointment, but the tactic shouldn’t have surprised anyone as it totally fits with his ideology.

Additionally, TransCanada, the company behind the pipeline, handed the environmentalists a win.

First, we all know that the President is fundamentally opposed to all carbon-based fuels (think Solyndra, et al)—so the pipeline’s approval was a longshot. But it would have created thousands of true shovel-ready jobs without a dollar of taxpayer money—many of which would have been union (not to mention the spin-off jobs).

The pipeline’s approval would have made the unions happy, while angering the environmentalists. Two of Obama’s solid funders were in conflict—one shouting in one ear, the other in the other ear (drowning out the voice of the American public). Waiting for the decision, watchers wondered which base held more sway.

The delay announcement, however, is a possible fundraising coup.

In April, the President announced that he would raise a record-breaking $1 billion for his reelection campaign. To date, fundraising has not been as strong as expected.

In August, when the Environmental Impact Statement on the pipeline “reaffirmed the environmental integrity of the project,” environmental groups threatened to pull their support for President Obama in the upcoming election if he approved the project—some calling his environmental record disappointing and dismal. Because they have no place else to go, Obama expects them to stick with him.

Not only will environmentalists likely stick with the president, his apparent quandary invites their input—only this time, not in his ear, in his pocket.

We all know that President Obama is not immune to the influence of donors on his decisions. With less than twelve months until the 2012 election, both the unions and the environmentalists will be buying—oops, I mean vying for—his favor. While some are calling his punt indecisive or a debacle, it could be a brilliant fundraising tactic as both sides over-donate in support of their positions.

We also know that the Obama administration supports higher gas prices. The Keystone XL pipeline would have provided more stability in oil supply and pricing at a time when crude oil from Mexico and Venezuela is declining. The pipeline would have provided refiners in the Gulf region with a secure supply—and a supply from a friendly source. Less supply means higher prices. Without the XL pipeline on the horizon, prices are predicted to increase as they did following the delay announcement. Higher oil prices translate to higher prices at the pump. With the cover of environmental concerns as the cause, President Obama could put the pipeline off and raise gas prices without the average person realizing his responsibility for the increasing costs. With higher gasoline prices, the Government Motors Chevy Volt becomes more attractive—giving the president a win/win.

So President Obama chose to appease the environmental base and raise gas prices rather than to support the jobs that he claims to want. Additionally, the pipeline would have brought foreign money into the United States through increased exports of refined gasoline and provided a strong signal to the world markets that America is putting a long-term sustained strategy for expanding the domestic oil supplies we will need for decades to come. Once again, he has made a decision as America’s campaigner-in-chief rather that America’s chief champion.

While the President’s mind may have been made up regarding the Keystone XL pipeline on January 20, 2009, TransCanada made it easy for him.

TransCanada expected that the pipeline would be routinely approved—all previous cross-border pipeline requests have been granted. They went through all the open houses and public meetings, did the environmental impact studies, and endured the most exhaustive and detailed review ever conducted for a crude oil pipeline. Nebraska, and most of the United States, is already a web of pipelines. However, they chose the cheapest route for the Keystone XL pipeline—which took it through the environmentally controversial area of Nebraska’s Sand Hills. By choosing the short route, rather than adding about 250 miles of pipeline, they gave the environmentalists an unlikely alliance: Nebraska’s Republican lawmakers and traditionally conservative farmers. Because the Republicans opposed the pipeline, it gave Obama additional cover—after all, even the locals didn’t want it. Had they been willing to move the pipeline to parallel the existing Keystone pipeline, avoiding the Sand Hills, it could through without the environmental agitation planting fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

One month before President Obama made his delay announcement, the TransCanada president of energy and oil pipelines met with Nebraska state legislators. He told them: “We understand that the best solution from your perspective is to move the route. We don’t believe that is an option for us.” However, once the delay announcement was made, TransCanada has quickly agreed to re-rerouting as proposed by the Nebraska state legislature. Now they are pushing for an expedited review of the alternate route—which could allow the project to begin before the 2012 elections.

Environmentalists, angry over President Obama’s perceived weakness regarding his loosening of proposed EPA regulations, demonstrated for months to push their point—with the Center for Biological Diversity promising to keep up the public pressure. Previously, public and industry pressure made President Obama withdraw the EPA Ozone regulations. Note: public pressure works.

As America is in an economic war, we need what the Keystone XL pipeline has to offer. Keep the pressure on President Obama. Now that TransCanada has agreed to re-routing, they’ve called his bluff. Call the White House (202-456-1111) and tell President Obama to expedite the review and approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

Of course, if we would develop our own domestic resources, we wouldn’t Canada’s and they could send it to China who is eager to help build a Canadian pipeline to the west.

Marita Noon is the executive director for Energy Makes America Great Inc. and the companion educational organization, the Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE). Together they work to educate the public and influence policy makers regarding energy, its role in freedom, and the American way of life. Combining energy, news, politics, and, the environment through public events, speaking engagements, and media, the organizations’ combined efforts serve as America’s voice for energy. Marita’s twentieth book, Energy Freedom, has just been released.


  1. I normally consider myself to be "environmentally conscious", but their opposition to the pipeline makes no sense as the tar sands will be used whether we take advantage of them and increase our national security or the oil goes to China and we still have to depend on Mid East Oil.

    • The green money lobbyist driving these efforts do not give a hoot in hell if it is logical or not. This is politics at its worst. They have their money invested in green technologies that at this very moment has proven to be more expensive and still requires fossil fuels as back ups and supplements when the green stuff does not work. At nights and whenever the wind is too little to drive the wind generators. The Netherlands or Holland is already calling it quits with their efforts as it has proven more expensive with no environmental advantages ans too many negatives. We are being duped again by corrupt politicos chief among them, Clinton, Gore and Obama.

    • Both sides of this are being controlled by the Communist, the Unions and the Environmentlist and funded by George Soros. They don't want anything that will actually create jobs and help the ecomony, the goal is to distroy America and our Constitution.
      We need to cut off the head of the snake (Soros) and a lot of what is happening will stop, at least for a while until another rich Commie comes to power.

  2. He will stop what ever would be great employment, what ever it takes to take this country one step closed to sosialism

    • This is the way it’s planned. The only card Obama has left to stay in office is to cause a race war and a war between rich and poor. Look around you. It’s under way right now and the more money he throws away, the wider the trench between the races and rich and poor become until the country crashes and burns. Obama will then declare Marshall Law and another Dictator is born.
      Jerry Morgan

  3. This just goes to show everyone what he is doing, ruining our country. playing one group against another He figures the Tree huggers will bring him more votes.Plus he keeps his home country happt

  4. I don't know why he is not in jail yet.

  5. Keep in mind Obama will be re=elected – nothing anyone can do about it. Those who support him the ENVIRO WACKO'S – ACLU and 47 mil on the gov't welfaRE PROGRAMS + being funded by SOROS . Your last vote elected a crook, liar, and socialist – Good job!!!!!!!!! now live with.


  7. Obamass is an idiot , their can be no other conclusion when true unemployment is at 20% and he continues to push policies that cost jobs . Every day he is in office he shows us more ineficient and inept government agencies that we need to eliminate as soon as we get rid of him . The EPA is just the beginning . PLEASE ELECT RON PAUL PRESIDENT < he has promised to work to get rid of these plus all the unconstitutional ones .

  8. Chuck Evans says:

    O.M.G. Obama Must Go

  9. Alan Brandenburg says:

    The pipeline needs to go through Eastern Wyoming and Eastern Colorado and the head east through Kansas to Steele City, NE. I'm sure these three states would love to have the jobs and add tax revenues.

    • We also need more refineries in the Dakotas also. They have been blocked by enviromentalist state congress' . We would not need a pipeline running the full north to south of the USA. They have a few there now but more would be a great help.

  10. Frank Bates says:

    We need a Republican President after what this crook has done to the citizens of this great country that is going down the tube, I can only imagine what damage he can do til November 2012. He has got his head up his butt I believe. Am sure Herman Cain and his running mate can do a far better job.Frank – Washington

    • Any body can do a better job to help our economy. By rebuilding our economy the rest of the world economies would improve. The reason is the US dollar is the world base currency. Every country when they buy any commodity on the world market has to exchange their currency for the US dollar to make the deal. So BO is in effect distroying the economys of every country, not just ours. He knows exactly what it is he is doing. Yes he even has surounded himself with his hand selected henchmen to control every aspect of the global economy.

  11. Alinsky would be proud of our President and his agenda to use his Executive power to destroy this Nation.
    Speak now before it is too late and it takes a Bloody Revolution to take the country back!

    Obama is an enemy of America.

    • It may be too late to stop the bloody revolution.

    • It is possibly already to late. Bummer has convinced every liberal, socialist, comunist, acorn nut he can fix the capitalistic problem by distroying the system. There may be problems with the system but not such to distroy it. Democratic Republics are not detrementental to the world as these nuts want to think. Our country was built upon this sytem and in turn helped lift up evry other country that we could. Japan and Germany are great examples of American help. Even communist Russia was aided from us to rebuild a bankrupt ecnonmy. Surprising isn't it.

  12. I can't help but wonder, just what do Liberals want America to look like and with no one working, who would pay for it?

  13. What can anyone say? I am so dismayed at the direction this administration has taken our beloved country that I hang my head in shame. I fear for my children and grandchildren and yet there are still citizens out there with the right to vote bitching about the price of gas and groceries that intend to vote for big ears again!! ! I can't hang my head any lower. I'm disgusted beyond words.


  15. Your Brother in Arms says:

    Does Anyone in Our Nation wonder why we're in the Mess we're in? This piece of Schyt, (obama) and All his cronies Will see to It that We Remain in IT; (one Dead well at a time). Thank you welfare mongers for *No Hope, and No Change*.

  16. The halting of the pipeline creates negative jobs in the USA, provides less oil for use in the USA, but increases dependence on foreign oil, impacts oil prices in a higher manner, provides financial cash flow to foreign countries, and provides foreign off shore employment.Now, what's correct about this picture?obama must go,WE need HOPE and CHANGE, not the hussein obama hope and change….

  17. Obama will do anything, no matter how it helps destroy the Legal Americans, in order to get re-elected. Just think of the new jobs it would create, but they'd probably go to the illegals since they work cheaper and talk about white people like dogs. They'd love to kill all of us off, notice the bastards opinions if they ever make it on the news. Think they all should be loaded up and flown
    over to Iran, Iraq and/or China. Am sure they'd be happy there, they aren't happy where they came from and they're not here if thy were they wouldn't want to change everything. They all need to be made to go home. We don't need terrorists here.

  18. Obama is sucking up to the Greenies, but if his poll numbers do not rise he will abandon them
    like used toilet paper and open up the pipeline to try and gain votes. The fools who oppose
    the pipeline are those who have swallowed the Global Warming garbage spewed forth by
    the biggest polutes or all those who want the so called "Green Energy". They have not done
    any research or they would know that to produe the so called energy they claim they are
    using mercuy filled lights, toxic chemiclea by the ton to prduce the solar pannels and other
    efficient electrical devices. The entire output of all the green scams have not made a dent in
    our comsumption of power. The obama whining scum are so smoked on dope and their own stench that are stealing power from Tax Payes while prvoing how blind and uneducated they
    really are about the world. But after all obama and the democrats are paying them along with
    the other socialist miscrents in our society.

  19. It is so sad we have so many misinformed dumb people out there voting for what they think is a free ride.
    Obama is a Muslim, no education or birth certificate he can prove, he is an illegal him self, Obama wants to destroy the U.S. with a pen while him and his wife are on a big vacation at our expense. Why can't people see this? Here is a list of all the things he has done right. 1. ??? 2. ??? 3. ???. Can you think of any ? We are in big trouble.

  20. Stopping the pipe line is just one more stupid move for Obama. How does he get away with doing so many dumb things? The debt he has created could destroy the U.S.
    When no one will loan the U.S. Money and we can't even pay the interest, then what?

  21. Neil Walden says:

    It looks like we need to march on Washington. It seems like unless you burn a city (L.A.) or sit in a park and sit in a road and block traffic(N.Y.) no one listens to you.


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