Ohio Coal Companies: EPA is going to destroy us

Mike Carey, president of the Ohio Coal Association

Most Americans probably missed watching an important hearing on the job-killing EPA that took place on July 26, 2011.

The hearing was held by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. It was appropriately titled “Lights Out: How EPA Regulations Threaten Affordable Power.”

One of the panelists at the hearing was Mike Carey, president of the Ohio Coal Association.

Carey issued dire warnings to the committee members on the destructive regulations being imposed on the coal industry by Obama’s EPA.

Carey noted that the coal companies his organization represents directly employs more than 3,000 persons in Ohio, and more than 30,000 secondary jobs that depend on the coal industry.

According to Carey:

“The current Administration is using EPA and other agencies to stop the use of affordable energy at every turn. Their actions are leaving investment dollars on the sidelines due to uncertainty. They have ground the permit process to a halt. New regulations on power plants are making it costly and impractical to burn coal to provide electricity. It’s all-out effort to stop the ability to access coal, and where they can’t do that with a straight face, they will look to eliminate all of our customers. Apparently EPA believes they can control the laws of both supply and demand, all to the detriment of our economy.”

Mike Carey’s warning should be heeded by policy-makers in Washington, D.C. The EPA is out of control and is run by an environmentalist extremist who is determined to destroy the coal industry — an industry that supplies one of the most cost effective forms of energy in America.


The full video of the testimony is below.


  1. NO S–T,,,the liberals controll the E.P.A. Your Union Employees Voted For P.B.O. I hope your union fails,, maybe it will wake up the brain dead people who vote,,,

    • George Bowen says:

      It's a shame what the politicians are doing to this great country I thinks a two term limit on any office would limit how much damage they could do and the EPA only set regulations they can make money from nothing to do with clean air clean water just clean wallets

    • ron yurchak says:

      They've taken control of everything in our daily lives. Socialists and socialist unions are at fault.

  2. Abolish,Defund,Dismantle EPA-the communists have this Country paralyzed. See standupamericaus.org Major General Paul Vallely's "National Call to United Action" Veterans march on D.C. 11-11-11.

    • Don't cha know, nobamma just increased EPA 125% about 2 months ago!!!!!
      We knew what nobaammy was up to when he did that!!!!
      No coal , no electric, how in the H3LL are people going to charge the nobamma's electric cars????????? OR heat there homes????

    • Sunseeker says:

      You have it right tina, I only wish that the "Re-PUNK-licans and conservative pundits had the courage to start calling these people as you and I know what they are. The EPA should be hauled before the congress and have them try to explain their treacherous actions. Until they and the Muslim-Marxist and his communist minions are exposed for who they are, there will be no headway made in stopping these anti-American and anti-God COMMUNISTS. Basically, it has come down to a battle of good against evil, unfortunately the majority of the Americans are bereft of God and are going to pay the price; as for myself, I'd rather be dead than red. We have no leaders on the right, willing to fight with all their might, hence we will suffer the consequences.

  3. EPA has always been against America & the working Man They fit right in with obama,He is doing all he can for the devil warshiping muslims & averythink To Make the Working Man a slave.He should be arrested for treason

  4. phillyfanatic says:

    It seems that Obama when campaigning in 2008, said he would destroy coal as an industry because of pollution but…. now we know that clean coal in WVA, Pa., Kentu. provides thousands of jobs, can give us energy which would be now not in some mythical green economy. To vote for Dems and Bama who are living in a fantasy world of jobs, energy, healthcare, et al is just not common sense.

    • All I know that we in SE Ohio continue to derive 75-85% of our power from coal – trains shuttle between our coal mines to the South a power station just to our North.
      Google or use whatever browser you have to research the deficits of wind power; not the "win-win" situation that's been spouted by the "greenies".
      We had it right to begin with – does this mean that fossil fuels are without consequences? By no means but we don't "throw the baby out with the bath water."

  5. kelly jerome says:

    The EPA was nothing more than the socialist/communist scam to get around Congress in order to control energy in this country. The first test run was in 2008 when fuel went to $4.00 a gallon at the pump. The jump was so severe it caused a recoil effect in our economy and made companies start cutting jobs. The housing bust wasn't caused by lending money to people who couldn't afford their homes, it was caused by people losing their jobs. Another hoax, pulled off by the socialist. Now the EPA will continue to stop the use of coal and the drilling for oil in this country so we can continue to send our money overseas for oil and investments in clean energy that are not cost effective.

  6. kelly jerome says:

    Once again, this is being done to redistribute our country's wealth to others. What is sad, these same manufacturers will be sent to China and abroad to manufacture these goods in countries where the EPA does not exist. So the pollution is worse, but not in this country. So what makes it right to take our jobs? We have been paying over $3 a gallon for gas for the last 3 years because of speculators, this are people basically working for the government that will keep the price of oil arificially higher than it should be in order to weaken our economy even more and take our wealth and give to the Muslims in the middle east. 80% of our oil is imported. Imagine the boost to our economy if we only imported 50% percent. The cost would be about $1.50 and there would be about 300,000 jobs created. But no, let's make sure the forest are green and the air is pure.

  7. kelly jerome says:

    I've been alive for 46 years. I haven't seen any evidence of the forest dying because of pollution. This planet is one big filtration device, it has cleaned itself of 3 known planet wide volcanic eruptions. There is no way we can generate enough pollution to kill it.

    This is all a hoax by the globalist to bring us under a one world economy and dictatorship

    • ron yurchak says:

      We already have a dictatorship. What's next? Yes, we still sit on our asses and do nothig.

    • I suspect that just as the Gulf oil spill has dissipated, so will the tsunami gendered pool of debris "twice the size of Texas" floating in the Pacific Ocean toward Hawaii (again, check out on your browser) may be seen in several different ways.
      This globe certainly is under the control of an Almighty God; his ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. It behooves each of us to do what we can to care for and not worship our globe and all for his glory.

  8. The EPA makes one man a job but puts 1000s out of a job.Now that Muslum President has got the EPA on his side.

  9. kelly jerome says:

    As Ronald Reagan said, " Our country stand as a beacon of light against tyranny all over the world."

    With the US as the most powerful nation the globalist can't have world conquest, we are in the way. This is the beginning of their attempt to destroy our country.

    They have been patient up until now. But their ability to place an illegitimate president in the White House has made them bolder than ever. If we do not bring their plans to light and punish those who commit these acts of treason we will never stop them without the destruction of our Republic.

  10. John Stewart says:

    Zero Bama knows he could never get these kinds of things done if he had to go through Congress. So he uses a more than willing progressive/socialist EPA head to carry out his dirty work. Even the liberals in Congress would not stand in unison behind this sort of Country killing manipulation.
    Now he is throwing the coalminers union under the bus. Who is next?

  11. John Stewart says:

    Put the comment up, it is the truth!!!!!
    The EPA is a shill for the big "0".

  12. Dismantle the EPA !!

  13. Defund,Abolish,Outlaw the E mployment P revention A gency.Defund Disban and outlaw the Labor Unions that are assisting the EPA AND The Current ADMINISTRATION in the DESTRUCTION of the USA. Mine Coal,Drill Oil Wells,Build Refineries, Put People Back to work. Rebuild our Military Make the USA Proud,Strong and RESPECTED again.

  14. Our govt has been co-opted by a Communist rogue regime intent on destroying anything resembling the America we grew up in.

    The POTUS and the Democrats and the RINOs need to be impeached and 'outed' for the communists they are. This illegal administration has taken over and, unfortunately, are now in charge. Everything they do is destructive to America — beginning with Obama's economic policies all the way down to the Dems and RINOs who are subverting our Constitution at every opportunity. We'll never get our country back unless we stop pussy footing around the real issues facing America — the co-opting of our govt. by parties intent on the destruction of our country. I'm not parsing words here and neither should any red-blooded Americans out there. This is no time to be PC. We're in for the fight of our very lives and what America stands for. This govt has zero respect for our Constitution and they are doing everything in their power to destroy us!

  15. As I have said in a prior post….Lisa "COMMUNIST" Jackson has to go. She is running roughshod over our economy with her complete lack of moral clarity. She needs to be stopped!!!

  16. jmsmaxwell says:

    Didn't any one listen to obama and his campaign speeches? He plainly stated he would break
    the power producig companies and shut down all the coal producers. Made the enviromentalist so happy. they could just see mile and miles of Solar panels ( See Solandra) and Wind Turbines (See the massive wind farms) dotting the landscape. The cause more
    polution than the enviromentalise are willing to admit. The amount of water needed to run the
    solar panel farms far exceeded any real benefits they provide. The amoung of construction to
    get water to the Solar generating stations, the amount of water required would be stolen from
    farmers and their crops. this will lead to a shortfall in watering and could lead to a short fall in available food supplies. there has been no real studies and like the global warming garbage and scame someone stands to make millions or billions out of thei deal. bottom line obama and his corrupt regeim of miscrent had lied from day one to the American people and the news media continues to cover his backside by refusing to report the truth.

    • the MSM is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • Albore and some of his friends have become BILLIONAIRES over his scam and financial rape of America, and the European Union also. Any country that signed on to the Kyoto treaty has lost billions already, and have found that "man made" pollution has NO EFFECT on the ozone layer, or contributes to "global warming".. The civilized world has been "taken for a ride" and suffered greatly in their finances, and the people have suffered needlessly also, as everyone's life has been degraded by this farce, and now the case continues in California depriving the farmers of needed water to produce, causing an large increase in the cost of their products, as well as their ability to produce. STOP THE EPA, THE ENDANGERED SPECIES AGENCY, WIND AND SOLAR PROJECTS, AND get back to fossil fuel production and distribution. Electric cars ?? Where will they get the energy to "charge" them ?? From an already burdened national power grid… Fiskar was a good "payback deal" for BHO's voters ???? Sooo many more !!!

      • Albore has a huge amount of money invested in Sweden auto company our gov also gave them millions to produce electric cars was to hire 2000 Americans but decided to go to Sweden they said they could not find a workable solution in America. Obama has to go 4 more years would be our downfall.

    • ron yurchak says:

      It was in his plan from the very beginning and millions of people bought into his schemes.

    • For some unknown reason..the American people did not believe obama and what he said during his campaign…it is probably one of the few things he did not lie about.

  17. Frank Bates says:

    The EPA is running amok with their socialist, communist ideas, tear down all of the companies that employ people, Obama is a joke, the sooner he gets out of the pres position the better off the people and the country will be. The young people that really have no idea what a good pres does in his position, certainly not the revolutionary guard that we have in the WH that seeks to destroy capitolism as we know it, my daughter who is over 50 yrs in age and has liberal ideas, voted for Obi, and I believe most young people vote for Obi out of a favor to their elders and have no idea who they are really casting their votes for. I had liberal ideas as a young person but luckely have grown out of it. So many new faces in the republican agenda that am sure will boil down to a lesser number as the time comes to vote, we will see. Oh, and for those who would be interested in the Democratic surge for power and would like to educate yourself to the Demos history and it is very interesting writing is the books that Ann Coulter wrote. Very interesting reading ,prepare to get an educationwith Ann's writing. Frank-Tumwater,WA

  18. ron yurchak says:

    If there is one true Patriot candidate out there, will he or she PLEASE step forward.

  19. ron yurchak says:

    I love the country I once knew, and now I mourn for her.

  20. EPA isn't GOING to destroy us, it IS destroying us.

  21. Reva-lution says:

    Remember the Obama statement in his 2008 campaign? "under my plan, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket" or how about the comment that…. you can have a coal-fired plant, it's just that it would be so expensive it would bankrupt you. Why are people suddenly surprised to see it happening?

  22. Robert Bolino says:

    Jimmy Jr. Is this how Obama going to pay you back for all your support .
    More welfare for your members ! But no jobs.
    Hay Coal Miners, What you get for your vote? Obama fare! How does it taste?

  23. Obama promised to close down coal mine and power plants before he became Prez.
    Abolish EPA.

  24. These environmental wacko's get up in the morning with a new but false idea about the condition of the planet. Wacko #1 Al Gore and his $ 25,000.00 per month electric bill (now that's a carbon foot print). He has made millions lying, him and Micheal Moore the ( I don't think having 35 million puts me in the 1% class) have made lying a cottage industry. Environmental scientists have been proven wrong on every thing. They will be satisfied when we are walking and living in huts or caves, but they won't. If the would be King O'bummer gets in again you better have a power back up.

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