EPA Bans Most Wood Burning Stoves, Fireplaces Next

Photo credit: substack (Creative Commons)

As of January 3rd, the EPA banned about 80% of the wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts in the United States. Stoves which are used to heat 12% of the homes in America and are especially needed in outlying rural areas. Fireplaces are also being looked at.

The EPA is attempting to reduce particle pollution with new rules. Instead of limiting fine airborne particulate emissions to 15 micrograms per cubic meter (μg/m3) of air, the change will impose a maximum 12 μg/m3 limit. That is equivalent to a person smoking 3 to 4 cigarettes in a small confined space.

The draconian EPA regulations will be spread out, one will take place in March and the next in five to eight years. Stoves currently in use will not be affected but obviously, getting them repaired will become more and more difficult.

They haven’t yet gone after outdoor appliances or home heating appliances, but can they be far behind? Will people be able to heat their homes in a future controlled by extreme environmentalists?

Even fireplaces are being looked at though not included yet. They are part of the future research.

Read more at The Independent Sentinel. By Sara Noble.

Photo credit: substack (Creative Commons)


  1. The EPA needs to go!! They have over stepped there authority again and again! They have killed more jobs than any other Government agency! We do not need them!

    • You need to compare our air and rivers now to what they were in 1971, cities that were choked with smog are now clear, waterways that nobody would dare set a toe in, much less drink from are clear and potable now. If you think that corporations and individuals would have done that on their own, well, I'll leave you to your Kool-Aid.

    • Their authority to whom? The EPA doesn't answer to anyone… Remember, they are a group of 'experts' appointed because apparently WE THE PEOPLE aren't smart enough to elect representatives to Congress to do the job….

    • They have too much power! I know people that depend on wood burning stoves to heat their homes….yes, things need to be regulated but they seem to make up rules and do not answer to anyone. Go visit a third world country….they are the biggest abusers of the earth of any place. Does it matter what we do when the rest of the world throws all their trash into the oceans!?

    • Yeah, let's not allow the production of electric cars, which could help with pollution BIG time. Instead, lets ban wood burning. It's all about the mighty dollar, and less about the environment.

    • There are a lot of angry comments regarding these new regulations. While a lot may be made of the estimated number of stoves that may be banned, it is NOT that bad. The new stoves are already meeting the standards that are required. Getting repairs for older stoves such as gaskets, fire bricks and so forth will still be available. Old stoves are far less efficient, burn more wood and produce more air particulate both inside the home and outside. For families heating with wood, higher particulates cause respiratory problems in younger children and the elderly which means higher medical bills. Rural folks can still burn wood and when their old stoves burn out, they will be replaced with cleaner more efficient ones. I will be buying a new wood stove for our cabin. Wife already has asthma and I don't want her affected by a poor stove. People will adjust. In case you forgot the outcry over the banning of lead in gasoline years ago, that was also done for public health.

    • They have a lot of nerve!! The highest Toxins like Geo-Engineering (Chemtrails) The EPA completely ignores…F*** the EPA POS! That's why I call them the Earth Polluting Agency EPA they're corrupt , just like the Imposter in the White House!!

    • Gene Poole says:

      Ask the EPA why it takes 30,000 sea going oil tankers to provide fuel. If we use WOOD, the building, fueling, maintenance of these fleets of ships isn't necessary. How big is the Carbon Footprint of a Oil tanker? All the Wood burning fireplaces, boilers and stoves in the US cause less pollution than ONE Oil Tanker.

  2. go to the SF bay area loonie bin and you will find out the the regional air quality board has banned using fireplaces.
    Unelected "commissions" are so far to the waco left that the are now dangerous. You get power hungry wimps that are control freaks dictating to everyone else on how to live. There is no recourse but to get rid of the Democrats, and than defund and disband them.
    They operated on a smaller scale than a government agency IS: the epa. The gay arab said I have a pen and phone, well the federal agencies are now running wild with their power grab authorized by the blqck house

    • SF Bay Area Loony Bin has Google, Apple, IBM, Adobe, Wine country, Silicon Valley, Pixar and LucasFilm and a whole plethera of companies created by fellow Loony bins that you use everyday. So STFU, or stop using that computer that we invented, throw away that cell phone that we invented, stay off the internet, you are neither needed nor wanted. Stay in whatever jerkwater you're in, and dream of working for one of those Loony Bins like me from SF BAy Area.

      • You are so wrong.
        First programmable
        The Z1 , originally created by
        Germany’s Konrad Zuse in his
        parents living room in 1936 to
        1938 and is considered to be the
        first electro-mechanical binary
        programmable (modern) computer
        and really the first functional
        computer. Not invented in Commiefornia.

        April 3, 2003 marked the 30th
        anniversary of the first public
        telephone call placed on a portable
        cellular phone. Martin Cooper ( now
        chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Martin Cooper demonstrates
        the first portable cellular
        telephone. ArrayComm Inc) placed that call on
        April 3, 1973, while general manager
        of Motorola’s Communications
        Systems Division. It was the
        incarnation of his vision for personal
        wireless communications, distinct
        from cellular car phones. That first
        call, placed to Cooper’s rival at
        AT&T’s Bell Labs from the streets of
        New York City, caused a fundamental
        technology and communications
        market shift toward the person and
        away from the place. Not invented in commiefornia.
        The history of the Internet begins
        with the development of electronic
        computers in the 1950s. Initial
        concepts of packet networking
        originated in several computer
        science laboratories in the United
        States, Great Britain, and France.
        The US Department of Defense
        awarded contracts as early as the
        1960s for packet network systems,
        including the development of the
        ARPANET (which would become
        the first network to use the
        Internet Protocol.) The first
        message was sent over the
        ARPANET from computer science
        Professor Leonard Kleinrock’s
        laboratory at University of
        California, Los Angeles (UCLA ) to
        the second network node at
        Stanford Research Institute.
        By the way Leonard Kleinrock born and raised in New York and the research involved in creating the internet was multinational and funded by the US military. The ARPANET
        was decommissioned in 1990.
        Private connections to the
        Internet by commercial entities
        became widespread quickly, and
        the NSFNET was decommissioned
        in 1995, removing the last
        restrictions on the use of the
        Internet to carry commercial
        traffic. Again not invented by commiefornia. There are plenty of massively large corporations located in other states who make products you depend on for use in your everyday life. So please get off of your soapbox because Commiefornia is Not the center of the Universe.

    • Gene Poole says:

      How many millions of gallons of fracking chemicals are necessary to provide Gas to SF? How many thousands of Fracking Drilling platforms, chemicals, and tons of steel are needed and what is the Carbon Footprint of producing the tons of steel to keep the Gas coming? Wood will not require the building of One Fracking Platform or use of any chemicals.

  3. OregonBuzz says:

    The EPA has morphed into the fourth branch of government. Well, so be it. MOLON LABE

    • There are re-burners that can be inserted into the exhaust stack. They are unique in the sense that they are disigned to re-burn all the wood smoke that escapes from the regular fire.. Remember, "smoke" is un-burned gases and are flamable & burnable.. You can also call the re-burner an after-burner. There is almost no smoke in the exhaust of the after-burner, and you can get up to 30% more heat from your bundle of wood..

  4. If they are successful there will be a lot of smoke in DC. You can be sure.

  5. When we conservatives in Ca. can't seem to get a majority, it will be like this forever in our state. If only they could have passed term limits in the 104th congress this wouldn't be happening. In the bay area we are stuck with the biggest collection of socialist congressment and senator. Honda, Lofgren. pelosi, feenstine, boxer the check bouncer. etc.etc.

    • Term limits is the real answer. It would solve a lot problems. It must be enacted.

    • Then leave, we don't want you and your hatred.

      • Mirrormirror says:

        Do you say this to the illegals too that want all of their own ways and don't conform? Bet you would really like sharia to come to your neck of the woods too. When it takes it's stranglehold on your way of life, good luck telling them they can't make you conform.

        The circle of life. And it usually is far more bitter when the pride of the feaster has to be swallowed or they become the feast.

    • The elections are rigged. Four different candidates. If 100% of the voters vote in an election, 40% vote Democrat, 20% vote Libertarian 10% vote Peace and Freedom and 30% vote Republican, the Dems win! They don't have to cheat- the have friends recruit candidates they know stand NO CHANCE of winning to steal votes from their legitamate opponents.

    • Feathers says:


      Get on board at: https://www.facebook.com/TermLimitsforUSCongress

    • Gene Poole says:

      Odd that the liberals in SF are banning the cleanest energy available. No oil tankers, pipelines, refineries, drilling platforms, distribution trucks, trains etc., are needed to provide wood, a renewable resource.

  6. You all out there must remember this fact. We no longer have a government of the people, by the people and for the people. It is now a Government of the Corrupt Bureaucrats, By the Corrupt Bureaucrats, and For the Corrupt Bureaucrats, also remember again all those out there you voted for the Snake Oil Salesman Obama in, along with his Corrupt Senators, like Reid, and the rest of them for they would and have sold us and their own into poverty and slavery just to get their palms grease with Payola and to remain in office. Why else would they, the Corrupt, allow this go on. Just why do you think that we have over 500 uncontrolled Federal ruling Agencies that we did not Vote for and have no and I mean NO voice in? But, do not worry as it will get worse when the Republic is totally destroyed/

    • No bob it will get better. they will have noo more funding and will all have to find real jobs. Just remember if the resume shows a history of Gubment employment send them packing, they are worthless.

      • No, olddad, it will not improve, for as I stated, we are being ruled by the over 500 Federal Agencies that our totally corrupted . They lack any Integrity, honesty and Morally Bankrupt which Senators and Representative put in place to rule with out any controls. I know for sure that my Senators and Representative do not in anyway represent the State they were elected in. The Only represent the Washington Corrupt elite. Just look at the FDA, which for a lot of payola approves Pharmaceutical poison drugs that kill not cure anything and of a profit margin in the thousands of percent. Here you thought the oil companies were bad. My wife and I are 84 years in life, I teach free cooking classes titled "how to cook healthy outside the Government Poison Box." I ask one question, have you read any processed food labels lately and looked up the words you could not spell or pronounce? Do know that the approved poison drugs murder over 100,000 Citizen each year? The Wife and I refuse to be pushed into the poison market to make profits used to grease the Palms of the Politicians and Petty bureaucrats. Enough said on my part as I will keep putting one foot in front for the other for the rest of my time. One more thing, I do free catering for none profit groups and not just hot dog either. Chef Robert

    • A great post. May I copy it for my Twitter account?

      • Robert Morrow says:

        Yes, You can and thanks for the Reply. Now if only we can get the rest of the citizen to write and vote out the corrupt often with one term only. we may get somewhere.

    • Feathers says:

      Support TERM LIMITS! We can do it WITHOUT their permission!

      Get on board at: https://www.facebook.com/TermLimitsforUSCongress

    • Gene Poole says:

      When Oil and Gas distribution is cut due to technical issues or availability of reserves those dying of cold will want their fireplaces back. Many people died due to heavy snows and a shortage of propane reserves in the Northeast and Midwest. Wood is the cleanest energy available.

  7. If only they would have passed term limits back in 1995.

    • Term limits won't do a dam thing, the election process has been violated, it's no longer who you voted for it's those who counts the votes. Remember in the last election when, there were foreigners who came specifically to view our election process, LAUGHED LOUDLY they called it a joke. No ID required, same day registration and voting? 100% of a precinct voting for Obama…a joke…..more people voting than registered…a joke. Dead people on the rolls…a joke…missing then found uncounted votes…a joke…military votes uncounted…a joke. We are living in a fairy land thinking the process is honest. Either people wake up to the fact that we are headed toward dictatorship or we can thank power hungry people who don't have the balls to stand up for truth, light and honesty, for this mess.

  8. TangoTommy says:

    The only way to fix the EPA is to shut it down completely. Repeal each and every regulation they have enacted. If any state finds one they like, keep it, but don't force it on the rest of us

    • yep lets gut the only thing that ensures your children arent poisoned every time the shower drink or breathe cuse im sure those money grubbing a h o l e s that pollute now even if they do get fined would just stop doing it and with no testing you can find out when your kids die a horrible poisoned death that it could have been avoided!

    • Yes the to fix the GOP we need to get rid of ALL the Rino's. when they are gone then we can deep six the EPA.

  9. Lets just do like the obummer as-ho-e and ignor the damn epa. They can't put us all in jail. If they come after us we can burn them in our stoves to keep warm.

  10. How do these people heat their homes? Soon only the rich will be warm or cool and comfortable. Who will be exempted (crony-style). One more step to becoming a third world country.

    • I Heat my home with a wood stove cause LP is to expensive 1200 for 60% for my lp tank witch is 500 gallons to fill at 80% is what they fill not 90% or 100%

  11. I had no electric for 4 days last week with tempertures in the low teens each night, and I'm sure glad I had a wood stove. I suppose the government would like us to go to a shelter and leave all we own, plus our pets, in an empty house. It would be so much easier to rob if everyone in the neighborhood was miles away in a shelter.


    • agreed!! 100% I was with out power in a ice storm and didn't have no place to stay no ride to go anywhere and had people trying to break into my house so stayed home to guard my stuff and I have a little wood burner which I had to use! THANK GOD for that little wood burner I was able to survive the lower temperatures!!

    • good luck getting into a shelter bro.

    • Pamster says:

      Gee, wonder if kerosene heaters are next on the asswipes' list? That's what I had to use one time for several days due to my heat pump breaking and having to wait to have a new one installed because it was over the Christmas holiday, moving it from room to room and putting up with the obnoxious smell.

  12. But it is for everybody's good. And to make sure, all 3 letter agency's will be issued millions of rounds of hollow point bullets so they can ensure that we all comply. Welcome to the new USSR.

  13. I guess next thing… is no more campfires and roasting hot dogs, etc. in national campgrounds either? You know those nasty "carbon footprints" they can be dangerous to the environment… what a joke. Without carbon dioxide, we wouldn't be breathing and either would the eco plants. So measuring particles emitted in the air from wood burning stoves is just as ludicrous as every other prohibitive regulation the EPA pushes forward under the guise of environmental protection. We the People need protection from the EPA…

    • Well roasting hotdogs will go out with the extra large sodas…don't you know thi s is for the betterment of the unhealthy members of society? (sarcasm)
      So are we still allowed to say the Pledge of Allegiance at the ballgames?

    • these people are out of control. like everything else. dont they have bigger problems to worry about?

    • well if it happens all the plants and trees will die and then we will cause no plants and trees mean NO OXYGEN for us to breath


  15. They can kiss my a–all the states need to tel them to keep out or we will put you in jail

  16. The EPA has NO BUSINESS whatsoever to make rules for wood stoves.

  17. where is congress in all this . . . supposedly they have oversight over this out of control band of nazis . . . it all started when congress went about setting up these bureaus and administrations to escape the blame of imposing rules and regulations themselves . . . well, they are to blame now for allowing these worthless rules and regulations to continue to go along unchecked. good lord, what is it going to take . . . of course, we know the donkey party dolts will do nothing . . . as witnessed by their standing o when butthead said he intends to work around congress! what! do the fools even know why they're there other than to collect a paycheck.

  18. Screw the EPA, burn wood!

  19. I burn plastic in my backyard as a protest. I could easily throw it in the recycle bin, where it will later be thrown into the landfill, but I prefer to thwart the EPAs grand schemes with those tall wisps of black, carbon filled plumes of smoke.

  20. " The second Arm of the Gestopo" EPA. Un-elected patsies. Made up by H. Himmler. Former members of the Nazi party. 2014 style of the 1930's.

  21. If fedgov wants to reduce particle emissions from burning, perhaps they oughta improve their forest management practices! One wildfire, caused by tragically awful federal forest management practices surely releases more particle emissions than every woodstove in the US.

  22. This has nothing to do with emissions……..it's all about CONTROL, just like all this other BS. If you have a wood-burning stove or heater, you are not participating in padding their pockets!! Jus sayin!!

  23. theracefan says:

    Ban the frigging EPA they are a bunch of do good type morons that care about nothing but themselves and Obamas agenda. Defund this bunch of idiots and put the money into job creation in this country.;

  24. rsapplegate says:

    You morons need to think of the planet and not yourselves, get real.

    • Really?

    • Gene Poole says:

      How much carbon is emitted in the production of thousands of miles of oil and gas pipelines, Fracking equipment and chemicals, oil platforms, thousands of vehicles to transport oil and gas, oil and gas transport ships, refineries, etc, EPA research was skewed to omit 99% of the equipment, steel, vehicles, etc., necessary for oil and gas production and transport. The millions of tons of steel, fuel to power oil and gas tankers, trains that transport oil and gas, etc., far exceeds the minescule carbon emissions of wood stoves, and boilers in the US. Wood boilers saved lives when the Natural gas shortage hit homes this winter.

    • James Jones says:

      I think about the Planet with every log on the fire. Wood produces Carbon Dioxide, trees absorb Carbon Dioxide and grow producing more wood for the fire. Hakoona Matatta, it is the circle of life.. "Moron"

    • Its been proven Global warming is a fraud byvthe very same people that said it Existed.
      Keep listening to the bull shyte they keep feeding you, because Socialism can't exist without idiots.

    • Perhaps you have not lived where it goes below zero during the winter as it does in Northern New York. There is no need to ban wood burning stoves or furnaces , etc. Perhaps in the cities themselves, but not in the country. Get real.

    • From one that puts fuel in his car. What a hypocrite!

  25. I heat my home with a wood fireplace insert that was installed when the home was built in the mid 1980s. I live in Bremerton, Shelton,Wash. area on 2.3 acres of forest land and cut my firewood for every winter season. I live in a county that never has restrictions on wood burning stoves and fireplaces during other counties restrictions closer to Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia. If the power grid fails I will still have wood burning and home heating while the big cites liberals and tree huggers have no home heating. A long major power grid failure would change there liberal minds overnight when they have no electrical power grid home heating. I'm age 65 and cutting and splitting wood is good exercise for me.

  26. Ever

    Pricks w/

  27. Wood burning is not healthy the EPA got this right

  28. I have no problem with people who live in rural areas burning wood, but in urban areas when you have neighbors ten feet from your house smoking up the whole neighborhood, that's selfish, inconsiderate, and wrong. If they could keep the smoke inside their houses, that would be fine by me, except they would be dead. Funny how a small, unvented wood fire in your house makes the air unbreathable so quickly. Makes you wonder if wood smoke is dangerous. Hmmm….

  29. Gene Poole says:

    The environmental impact study on wood stoves didn't include the carbon emissions to produce thousands of miles of oil and gas pipelines, Fracking equipment and chemicals, oil platforms, thousands of vehicles to transport oil and gas, oil and gas transport ships, refineries, etc, The total emissions of all the Wood burning stoves and heaters in the US produce less emissions than the production of One Oil Tanker. Wood is found within 40 miles of the users residence, usually on the same property. It helps provide income for the local community. But the research was skewed to omit 99% of the equipment, steel, vehicles, etc., necessary for oil and gas production and transport.

  30. It's already gone much worse in Europe.
    Power limits on vacuum cleaners in order to curb carbon emissions.
    Yes, you've read that correctly: http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/economic-inte

  31. It is about control.With all of the high prices who can afford to pay those high dollar prices but Obama? They don't know what it" like to have to budget or struggle month to month or paycheck to paycheck.Who are they to say we can't have wood burning stoves after all of these yr"s using them? Who are they to say we can"t have fireplaces after all of these yr"s of using them? Not of of us can keep padding their pockets and keep feeding their illegals for them too!!! This is so B.S and I"m so fed up with them all in everyone personal business.

  32. All the little girls who got beat up in middle school and high school have decided a country ran by gays and people who think a woodstove is hurting the earth more cars, trucks, factories etc. The EPA is obviously in cahoots with the oil companies no other way to look at it. Money rules and is the root of all evil and this is another case of get rid of a natural source of FREE HEAT to pay for fossil fuels.

  33. Let me tell you how bad it's gotten, had a bottom part of a grill sitting on cinder blocks with some small branches in it, my landlord was told by his insurance company, it was a wood burning stove and it had to go. So we had to dump the wood out and take it off the blocks, where is the common sense anymore?

  34. The EPA was created in the first place because the American people believed that our environment and it's necessary regulations were too complicated for Congress. The EPA answers to NO ONE legitimately, and our Congressmen in DC are too busy trying to make a buck to actually do their job and pay attention to these guys. Alphabet agencies have to GO! And if there is a law too complicated for even our lawmakers to understand, then maybe we don't need it in the first place.

    Regulation, regulation, regulation….

  35. where might the republicans be?

  36. They need to go after the big corporations and leave us alone. I'm very much for this planet and I do my part and then some in protecting it. They corporations are destroying this planet not your average american citizen.

  37. Glenn Brock says:

    ban heat.

  38. How did humanity ever survive before the EPA came along? They should consider banning forest fires and campfires also.

  39. tsvoyager says:

    We are thinking of the plant rsapplegate, we would rather use renewable fuel rather than line the pockets of oil barrens that have us over the barrel when it comes to fuel for heating. Just look at the cost of Propane this last winter, some places were paying 5x's what it cost last winter. Another record profit year for the oil industry! Thanks but I'll burn my wood stove!

  40. John Walters says:

    The EPA has done much to help heal our injured world. But power without a measure of common sense soon becomes a den of tyranny.

  41. Tell the EPA to stop spewing particulates out of jet planes and stop polluting the air we breath with their chemtrails. Their worried about fireplaces and wood stoves? What a joke.

  42. You people are living in a cray cray echo chamber. READ THE ACTUAL PROPOSAL:

    "On January 3, 2014, EPA proposed revisions to the residential wood heater new source performance standards (NSPS) under Section 111 of the Clean Air Act. The draft revisions apply to new heaters ONLY and do not apply to existing wood stoves and other wood heaters installed in peoples’ homes."

    IOW, they're *proposing* cleaner standards in the future and have no problem with existing stoves.

    What you ought to be outraged about is that this website is clearly distorting facts.

  43. its all done for the oil companys can get richer by making people buy there oil and propane they pay these people off to make stupid law

  44. Woodsman Murph says:

    next, they'll ban my pellet stoves!!

  45. LOL this is the choice they do to clean up the air… not hey look at all these cars… and look there is monsanto's round up being used on their lawns that are poison… not let's give bikes a break for helping us clean the air of the smog. Not… o…let'snot talk about the crap these high profiled Corporate companies do to the air, water and ground….. nope we won't discuss those because of all the $$$$$ they will lose. but we will take heat from homes of hard working folks that can't afford to pay high cost of heat and lights and air conditioning… even though a guy named Nikola Tesla came up with the idea of wind turbines and that HAD they been placed where he said would give the world free lights, and heat. Nope make no metions of that because why…. no $$$$$ can be made off THAT stuff and would have kept it natural and no smog to have begun with. Nope nothing to see here… move along.

  46. john ford says:

    The same EPA who said it was safe the breathe the air at Ground Zero 3 days later.. it should be shut down now!!

  47. At one point, my only source of heat was a woodstove. I am not the only person to have only wood heat. That is crazy to ban the use of wood heat. Too many people determining how we should live.

  48. next they be telling us we use to much toilet paper.

  49. Stop weather geoengineering!

  50. If they are really worried about the environment why don't they ban cigarettes instead? I guess if our wood burning stove ever breaks down my husband had better be prepared to be cold all the time.

  51. raleigh says:

    It is being done because of big money energy companies and pay offs


    All of you perking up to comment here against this ARE DUMB!!!

    not an opinoin, a fact… Y'IGNORANT!!

    Engineering proves you are dumb and your parents were too stupid to see you get a decent science education.

    EVEN DEAD PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE DUMB!!! Take Mark Twain for example, one of the most awesome Liberals in all of mankinds history, he thinks YOU DUMB!!!

    Mark Twain on masonry stoves, "“To the uninstructed stranger it promises nothing.
    It has a little bit of a door which seems foolishly
    out of proportion to the rest of the edifice. Small-
    sized fuel is used, and marvelously little of that.
    The process of firing is quick and brings a small
    basketfull of slender pine sticks and puts half of
    these in, lights them with a match, and closes the
    door. They burn out in ten or twelve minutes. He
    then puts in the rest and locks the door. The work
    is done.”
    “All day long and until past midnight all parts of
    the room will be delightfully warm and comfort-
    able. Its surface is not hot; you can put your hand
    on it anywhere and not get burnt.”
    “Consider these things. One firing is enough for
    the day; the cost is next to nothing; the heat pro-
    duced is the same all day, instead of too hot and
    too cold by turns…”
    “America could adopt this stove, but does America
    do it? No, she sticks placidly to her own fearful
    and wonderful inventions in the stove line. The
    American wood stove, of whatever breed, is a ter-
    ror. It requires more attention than a baby. It has
    to be fed every little while, it has to be watched
    all the time; and for all reward you are roasted
    half your time and frozen the other half… and
    when your wood bill comes in you think you
    have been supporting a volcano.”
    “It is certainly strange that useful customs and
    devices do not spread from country to country
    with more facility and promptness than they do.”"

  53. The reason we need laws outlawing lightbulbs and inefficient fireplaces is because conservatards with no science education think DUMB and DESTRUCTIVE is a right written in the constitution.

  54. DUMBASS CONSERVATARDS!! No better than whores, they will sell their childrens future and health to suck up to money!

  55. BarleyWheets says:

    This idiot EPA law goes against the United States Constitution.. particularly the 4th Amendment! ANY LAW that goes against or defies the US Constitution is ILLEGAL & it is OUR duty as REAL Americans to defy.. illegal so called laws!!

  56. Gene Poole says:

    Gas and Oil pollute far more than wood, the EPA just needs to consider that we need 3.5 Million Oil derricks, 30,000 Ocean Oil Tankers, millions of gas and oil distribution trucks, hundreds of thousands of Fracking platforms, millions of miles of pipelines, oil and gas refineries, millions of gallons of Fracking chemicals, etc. NONE of this equipment, chemicals, ships, platforms etc;, are necessary for Wood. Wood is a resource that is cut within 50 miles of where it is used for heat. It is the last ditch fuel that keeps people alive when technical or supply of more complex oil and gas is interrupted. Had wood not been available during the recent shortage of Gas, many would have died.

    • it would be nice if that could happen but mr bush and mr chaney made it so that the oil industry is exempt from all clean air and water acts. so they can do whatever they want and nothing can be done about it 🙂

  57. melody digregorio says:

    but you guys dont mind if they try to control a womans body right???? too funny-
    it does not apply to wood stoves already in operation and it only means stricter control on those coming out- they have been threatening this for years- we have have wood stoves in our home and never have a problem get real stop the fear mongering and giving in to this cycle of hysteria these clowns like to get everybody worked up to

  58. jakethemistake says:

    Anything liberals can't tax and don't have the gumption to get they don't want anyone else to have. Why are we putting up with this? Although i am sitting by the fire as i write this.

  59. You guys are all nuts. The EPA isn't banning anything but emissions. Don't you trust the MARKET to INNOVATE?

    The EPA will raise emission standards, and the manufacturers will oblige, just like in every industry. Did the EPA take away your '64 Mustang? NO! And they won't ban your stove either, you just won't be able to buy one that isn't a little bit cleaner.

    In short: Wood stoves will still be a viable option for home-heating, they'll just be cleaner so that people don't get lung cancer/other ailments. And this is a GOOD thing.

  60. My wood burner is 88% of our heat, if I have to get rid of it the government needs to get control of the gas prices so us poor people can have heat for out kids

  61. Iam Carla says:

    It seems to be a real problem for the EPA to get rid of all the supposed left over particles which become wafted about in the air we breath. How about we stop all the jet plane flights from one side of the country to the other. You know, those made by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and any other Democrats or Republicans who can't stand to stay in the city of their workplace (Washington D.C) How about the people who work in appointed positions for the government–those who fly home at the end of every work week. Why don't these cuts ever start at the top with them, where the gluttons of power, money, and questionable positions of self-importance contribute abuse of the carbon footprint into extreme levels. Those people being cut back on their air travel (including the US president) would thereby save the rights of a multitude of those of us living in a not so elevated role of society. You'll remember if you think…….those of us who pay salaries to them as our representatives. And it would be a great idea for them all to recall the number of years it would take for the majority of Americans to earn the income the politicians get for doing so little in a year's time!

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  65. http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2014/02/24/33219

    There is no plan by Obama to ban wood stoves and fireplaces. This is just more hype coming from the pollution kings of the energy industry to get people fired up to hate the EPA. Read the info on the above link. It's just nonsense and if you fall for it, you are their sucker!

  66. What on Earth. Propane is NOT a renewable resource. Wood IS a renewable resource. They may be trying to protect the environment, but their money would better be spent fighting forest fires than forcing people to burn LP or Natural Gas. Wood has been burned for years. Oil can't last forever. Thus neither can propane, natural gas, fuel oil, and other options. Wood can continue to grow. When burned properly, it doesn't need to smoke THAT bad. The gasifiers are a real pain and don't work very well at all. It is simply ridiculous to think you can burn it upside down, then burn the smoke, and end up with no exhaust.

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  2. […] and stoves are unhealthy. At the beginning of January, the Environmental Protection Agency banned a large majority of wood-burning stoves and fireplaces sold in the United States. The EPA claims they […]

  3. […] and stoves are unhealthy. At the beginning of January, the Environmental Protection Agency banned a large majority of wood-burning stoves and fireplaces sold in the United States. The EPA claims they […]

  4. […] and stoves are unhealthy. At the beginning of January, the Environmental Protection Agency banned a large majority of wood-burning stoves and fireplaces sold in the United States. [19] The EPA claims they are […]

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